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  • Hi Jerry,
    Boy, I'm so glad your brother's situation doesn't look like ALS. You probably know your spasticity is an Upper Motor Neuron problem. I have spasticity only occasionally in my hands. Until my hands started to go, the rest was LMN, with atrophy following weakness. Very good to hear you're expected to progress slowly, Jerry. I'm glad the sleeping problem is improved, and the ankle is healing. You've had an awful lot going on.

    I appreciate your comments, Jerry. My energy here is the only energy I have! I was given a lot of help by those who were very active a year ago, but are now having a harder time. It all becomes a cycle, but I think this is a very caring place. Jerry, have you made your retirement house plans or are you still in the design stage? Joel C and Mare both have really good roll-in handicap bathrooms--His on his website, Mare's on her profile page.

    Good chatting with you. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you, Jerry. I appreciate it...and hope you never have reason to feel a lack in the future.
    I'm hoping your visit with your brother goes well, and there isn't an ALS problem, Jerry. Best wishes for a Happy New Year--as good as it can be!
    Yikes, I have nothing helpful to say about your brother, Jerry, but I'm so sorry he's having these problems with no healthcare. I'm not sure of this, but his age might matter--you might want to add that to your thread.
    Jerry, are you having speech problems at all, leading to the eyegaze... or just thinking ahead?

    Also, I just checked on some of your posts and saw some which didn't get answered, so I gave it a shot. There are some areas where I'm too much of a nincompoop to read, and earlier, I thought (falsely) someone brilliant in that area would answer you.

    I sent you a friend request. I hope you're getting info you need for spasticity as well as for the retirement home.

    That is very good news. I hope the SSDI comes through quickly for you. This week and most weekends there are often posts that go unanswered due to busy members. It may seem very quiet, but suddenly folks are back and it gets busy again. I'm never officially signed off, so I assume it looks like I'm here all the time. I do try to check frequently.

    Dr. Glass is spoken of well--glad you get to see him!

    Thanks Ann:

    Yes I did use the reference that you suggested for eyegaze and reviewed the listings.
    Also wanted to let you know that I did have success in making appointments with the Social Security folks.

    Dr. Glass's office has provided a diagnosis letter for me to use that should be very helpful.
    Have you learned about "Eyegaze" for your computer yet? If not, type that word in, as you do a search (click onto white word "search" in the blue bar above. There are many posts which speak to your question.
    My husband goes to Emory too! I am with Ted...he has a great staff, and Nicole will go way out of her way to help you.. Keep us posted ok. Have great Holidays Joni
    You will like Dr. Glas and his staff. Not sure if they will be able to answer your questions about how fast to expect progression to be but it can't hurt to ask. Let me know how your appt goes. You will really enjoy Nicole and the rest of the staff as well.
    Hi Ted;

    I am in Decatur. I go to see Dr. Glass next week. I hope to get some sense of how fast it will go for me.

    I have my family here in town - 2 boys; so I am fortunate.

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Hello Bad Balance....Sorry you have to be here but welcome to the Forum. I live South of the city in McDonough, what part of the city are you from. I saw from your posts that you are seeing Dr. Glass and the team at Emory. They are great people. I have not been diagnosed much longer then you but happy to answer any questions you may have.
    Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the Dark Humor for others who are up at 3 am, lol.
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