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  • Hi Jerry--Yes, I also am glad we have another moderator, especially since Al's wife has serious health issues. I don't know about the relationship--thought they were friends. We've had some trolls in the past messing things up on the forum. I suspect there were some serious problems happening while David was unable to be here--still getting things back to normal levels, hopefully (and will get there soon!).

    Jerry, I'm a believer in us doing what seems best regarding weight gain or loss. I'm glad you're being careful, though. When the trunk muscles exit, the bowels can become quite a problem & that controls my diet.

    I've needed to return to bed quickly after a noon snack for the afternoon--not good for getting outside. Possibly tomorrow, if it doesn't rain I can get out for a few minutes. I'm wearing thin, if that makes any sense. Can't type easily in bed. The morning is when I'm using the computer, other than quick messages from bed.

    Annie xo
    Jerry, I know this is nothing like you expected for this point in your life. Everything is turned upside down. But, as you said, taking care of your health, reducing stress, and consciously looking for things to appreciate and be grateful for does make life so much easier and also happier.

    Dear Jerry,
    My problemm is with the compuutrer and not with my insruance. Thry can't seenm to get past thre insurbcne. 6 dayas and srtrill can'rt straihgten it out. This is nort the 1st time witrh insrnace pronblems, I had a babuy 3 yerars ago and insruance piad for it. I didn''t habe a child! Soneone else usded my insruance! Only me, can this haoopen to.
    Thskns for the inof. I apopreciate it.
    With hugs and pruayers,
    Dear Bad Balance,
    May i ask what clinic are you bering seen in? I libe in South Carolina and have been truing to get intro Emory butr their computrer won't take my insuarnce and kicksd me out.
    With huggs and prtrayers,

    The mind mouse is coming along --slowly. (But that might be good since I am not too fast!) The techies are hoping to have the final prototype to me in 30-60 days and then IIII will know better. I do know it is now an approved AAC device which should make it medicare acceptable (of course with changes in budgeting that could change, I suppose.

    How are you doing?

    I cannot imagine you being in too much hot water, Jerry. I read the thread this morning and thanked dear Al for his patience (well...for helping in all this moderating). In seeing we were hacked into, which I didn't realize, I feel much less frustrated. That's how I'm wired--if I understand why something is or isn't being done, it's made easy. Hopefully it will loosen up soon. Oh--the one time I had a virus in our first computer, I picked it up at a quilting site. Never knew they could be so dangerous.

    I hope your day ends with a PLS diagnosis, but a "firm one", if that's the best thing for you. Sometimes, however, the ALS is needed in order to receive help. Depends on the doc.

    Hi Jerry... I am doing fine overall. My computer vision is messed up due to needing glasses (progressive lens) for the computer, while my head hangs off to the side. Being somewhat ditsy, I very briefly thought how great contacts would be to use again... but remembered my hands don't work--a necessity for the lenses. Fortunately I don't require glasses to read...

    I'm thinking of you for the Friday Clinic. I think you're probably somewhat like me, in being a slow progressor. I was quite slow, Jerry. And you've been so proactive in getting your new house and your trails ready. I bet it's beautiful. Meanwhile, get good therapists who understand ALS and who can help you. I wasn't able to do that here, but I know they're out there.

    Very best wishes,
    Hi Jerry. Been reading some of your posts and thought id ask for your friendship.
    you and my PALS have alot of similar interests- fishing, shooting guns... man stuff...
    Jerry, in your Yoga thread I read that you've taken a couple of falls. So very sorry--they do set us back. I hope you're back to feeling as well as you had before the falls very soon. Annie
    Hey Jerry, hope you are doing well. When is your research visit. If you have the opportuity to be part of the stem cell study I would definitely reccommend it. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

    I saw in one of your posts that you were told you may have PLS? That would be better then ALS obviously.
    Have a great day and as I said feel free to reach out anytime.
    Take care my friend - Ted
    Jerry, I wanted to let you know that the "cervical traction" collar (pumped with air) for under $34 including shipping turned out to be "The Cervical Brace" for me--easy to use and to wear. Thank you, as I would never had looked at this if you hadn't spoken up. We assume it won't last a long time at this price, and just expect to replace it when it dies. Hope you caught some fish!

    How great Jerry, that the house is begun. I know it's a relief. Do you pretty much know all that you want for the entire process?

    I hope today's fishing is lots of fun and you do catch dinner--enjoy! 63 forecast here today, and I bet your weather is even warmer.

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