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  • check the ALS Forum at for a thread about external catheters. Also known as condom or Texas catheters.
    Used with a leg bag they are discrete
    I HAVE to tell you that your profile "pic" is AWESOME!!! Probably one of my FAVORITE Van Goghs......
    Glad to here you are doing alright... have yourself a wonderful day!
    I understand. Ann's passing hit us all hard. It's good to hear from you though! I just got to wondering. I'm doing good. My legs are getting weaker and I use the walkers now since I've taken regular spills with just the cane. No sense in getting too blase' about thongs. I feel good though and remain in good spirits. Have fun pottering around my leetle friend! Take care of yourself! :)

    Hugs to you!

    I have not seen you on here a lot lately. I hope you are doing as well possible. Happy New Year!
    Yes, I have that CD drive actually, it seemed like a useful thing rahter than trying to install some software via another computer. I'm still using both the MacOS and Windows at the moment, as Ive not quite sorted the virus protection on the Windows side. Once its all done though I suspect I wont be going back to the Mac side all that often, even though its probably a bit quicker and has some lovely features. This 'Air' is a wonderful computer, and Windows runs perfectly it seems.
    Excellent! Do you post pictures? I can't remember. If so, would love to see some of your pottery! Yeah, I hear you about not obsessing. No fun! And we must have fun!!

    Take care and I'll check you later!

    I hope you're doing okay Sweets! Havn't see you in awhile. Not a problem, I just am concerned. Just know that I'm thinking of you.
    Thanks for the welcome. Yes, i like some of the same authors that you listed. I've been an avid reader since moving to Ga to care for my elderly mother whose health was declining. Unfortunately I seem to have lost my concentration for reading novels last fall. I don't know if it's the ALS or just that there's been so much reading to do to learn more about this disease. This forum seems to hold my interest so much more than any novel these days. I'm hoping that may pass as there are a few more books I'd like to read. Thank you so much for posting on this forum. Deb
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