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    Permobile 300 wheelchair/cough assist/bipap with humidifier

    Hi My husband passed away 2 weeks ago and I have this equipment for sale or to donate to a person in need. His wheel chair has been upgraded several times and has drive from behind and also facial/chin recognition drive. It goes up/down/tilt/leg tilt, etc. It is in excellent condition/couch...
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    Developing a head support collar

    My Husband uses a Headmaster Cervical Collar as well. It works for his computer use for awhile but starts to hurt his bones and skin after any extended period time. A collar needs to be able to help hold the head up while allowing for some movement as well needs to be padded and washable. My...
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    FVC Test mouthpiece?

    My Husband just had tests at pulmanary dr. and they used a special mouthpiece for those who can not close there lips around the other types or get a more accurate reading then with the mask.
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    Hospice or No Hospice

    I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to custodial care. Quite a shame that this is not covered through Medicare or private insurance companies. I am in the same boat not ready for hospice but could use the help of custodial care as my husband is completely paralyzed except he can...
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    Selling - Tobii C15 w/ CEye

    Do you still have this equipment. We are looking for equipment for my husband who has very fast progressing ALS