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    I had seen you were interested in getting a tobii system. I have one for sale with a roing stand if you still need one.
    Sorry to meet you here. My legs are affected but I am starting to get saliva from my mouth so I am thinking my speaking will go sooner than later. My name is Doug and my wife is Karen. I feel for you as I personally think caregivers have it harder than us, but that is my thought.

    my email is [email protected] and my wife's is [email protected] (I haven't told her I gave it, but I have done than before so if you want to reach out feel free)

    I must thank you personally for you recent posting about my shame in crying in front of my husband. Your story and your thoughts mean more to me than you might guess. I am so grateful for your willingness to share and comfort when you are under so much stress yourself. Thank you again. Much love, Nancy
    Hello AZmujer.

    What part of town are you in? We are in Gilbert. What clinic do you guys go to? We go to Barrow's. I see that you just joined, how did you guys find out your PALS had ALS? We go tot he ALSA support group in Mesa on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I will probably miss next weeks since I am part of a documentary on ALS for some students at ASU and the "premiere" is that day. Don't ask, I have a voice for TV and a face for radio.

    This has been a pretty hard deal but we have drawn closer together and have seen incredible support from family and friends across the country.

    Praying for all on this forum and I know this is a great area for support, information and advice.
    Doug (& Karen)
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