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  • That is great BABs....2 nice Cruise trips! Jim is doing change that I can see. The Docs are puzzled, but we still take it a day at a time.

    We are stayed home since Oct. (NYC), because we wanted to get some improvements done to our home instead of travel. But we are going to Portland this summer to spend some time with a friend. And we may go to NYC for a marriage in OCT (although they have been together for 27 years!).

    Wishing you the best, and keep doing just what you enjoy.

    YES! We should be arriving at the Radisson Airport Hotel (on 44th St )about 6:15 or so. Why don't we plan on 6:45-7:00 for dinner at the hotel. They also have bar food nor just drinks if dinner is too much. I will call if there is any delays. Our phone is 928-254-8425.
    Cruise lines have special rooms for disabled travel. We have not used one yet, but we do see people in chairs on every cruise we have been on. We have traveled since the diagnosis....we wanted to get moving while we still could. I think that is wise. We will see you in December??
    OK....don't let me forget! We are going to the Southern Carribbean including the Panama Canal. Jim loves to cruise (this is our 9th) and it is the easiest form of travel for him. The only pressure is the Air flights. (The Alaska cruises are wonderful!)
    We would love to have lunch or dinner with you.....we are only down for Clinic and every now and then the night before we fly somewhere. I think we will be there on Dec 8th at the Radisson Airport hotel. Maybe we could possibly meet up then for dinner. Let me know. We ae going on a cruise the next day.
    azbabs sorry its taken a while -im not coming in as much and just pop in to see any latest news regarding trial and therapies. Hope your keeping well :)
    We are in Cottonwood....Jim worked in Med/Surg at the local hospital. Our clinic appointment is tomorrow, so we are anxious for any news on test results, etc.
    Quick note to say "hi", and let you know you're in my thoughts.
    Stay strong, and stay positive.
    Hi Azbabs lovely to see you on my page -i am new too! Look forward to talking more :)
    Keep up the hope....we have been diagnosed for 21 months, and am still walking and talking. This disease is crazy and unpredictable.
    BTW, I misspoke in my first note to you. I am the is my partner who is the PALS. He is also a RN (med surg), and worked for 20 years before diagnosis.
    I also am a patient at Barrow....Dr Ladha.....and had a One year followup EMG last week. Turned out there was NO progress. Hope yours goes well!!
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