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  • Hello...I'm very sorry to hear about your Mother!
    I'm interested in her diagnosis because her age, I'm 54 too, symptoms, speech/swallowing are all the same as mine. Swallowing issues started for me a couple of years ago and for now they have abated, but they do return from time to time.
    My speech-voice issues started last winter/springtime and continue to spiral downwards. I can still speak but it's becoming very difficult for people to understand me. I work in a customer service environment so dealing with people, verbally, is over 50% of my job.
    I have NOT had any falling or weakness problems at all.
    I have had test after test and finally an EMG showed abnormalities, but NOT enough to diagnose me with Bulbar ALS. So for now my diagnosis is, slurred speech of unknown etiology! The EMG and results are on my blog.
    What tests, or test, did the Dr. do that told them...she has Bulbar Onset, or Early Onset ALS?
    Again, I'm sorry about your Mother, but there is always hope!
    I welcome to this forum. But, I'm extremely sorry for your need to be here. This forum has really helped me with my anxiety over my dad having ALS. But, I do caution that sometimes I have to take a little break from it because it is too much information at one time to cope with. They are coming up with new medicines that are showing great promise. Maybe, your mom will be elligible to participate in a trial. How old is your mother? My dad was diagnosed in May and is 78. Kim
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