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  • Anna, just saw the post of your friends house! What a glorious spot! Glad you are enjoying yourself. That wouldn't be little Kosmo in the picture? So cute!
    God bless, Janelle x
    Kosmo is lovely? How do you keep his eyes from getting staining under them? Ruby has a little staining but our previous westie didn't have any problems.
    Your garden is very nice, I like the fish!
    Thanks for the encouragement. M and I love Australia. I have been there 7 times. Among our trips we have seen Sydney, Melbourne, driven the ocean road, stayed on Kangaroo Island, driven the western coast in addition to south western coast. We have good friends who live in Perth. I am fascinated by eucalyptus, but even more passionate about the Banksia. I love your naming trees and posting your Koala watch for us. Also the caring and understanding you give to the forums is wonderful. I am assuming this post is on you wall? Apparently 14 more posts till I can attach pictures...yeah. Hugs to you.
    Hi Anna, you will find it easy the more you come here :) always feel free to ask me a question too! hugs Tillie
    Hi Anna,
    I've just read a post concerning your beloved's worsening speech and balance. Even if I lived next door there's not a lot I personally could do for you, but sometimes I wish we were all just around the corner for a hug at least!
    You are in my prayers as you find ways to deal with this new challenge.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi avnl, maybe you could come post in the CALS roll call thread so that the PALS one is kept as it was designed to get the PALS who have not been posting to just type a few words each week? Some of those PALS are very down or have lost so much hand use they can barely post now. Tillie :)
    We are not currently renovating. This was 6 years ago. We bought a house and put in a bedroom bath on the first floor. At that time we widened all door ways, made the shower a walk-in with a granite bench and loads of grab bars. We also made the plumbing flexible for M's side. If and when he is in a wheelchair, we can take off the doors and feet to his cabinet and drop the sink down. Upstairs we have a guest suite with the idea that if we ever need live in help, they can have their own space in the house. His legs are what gave out along with swallowing, voice etc.
    My husband does not cook, so the kitchen renovation was not particularly handicapped geared. Drawers are good. Microwave at chair level in a cabinet come to mind. I am sure there are others that can make better suggestions.
    I have found a lot of the changes we made have been great for me too.
    Good to hear from you.
    Hi Anna, just reading tillies roll call and I read you have been renovating...
    I would, in time, like to redo our kitchen. Lots of drawers maybe. Have you changed your kitchen? Any advice would be great. I think it's called hemiplegia...my hand is now like a fist most of the time...an easier house would be beneficial for all. Thanks in advance, God bless, Janelle x
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