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  • The defining test was a massive EMG, passing electric current through needles in the muscles. They can read the results and that is the most definite test they can do. NEgative EMG I think usually means no ALS;;;;; Perhaps your doctors need to do a more complete EMG. tHEY DID MY WHOLE BODY, front and back.
    The first EMG I had done a few months back was inconclusive but they only did a few spots.

    I am so sorry you are having to go through all this. It took them a year to get my diagnosis and it is so darned wearing not knowing what is going on
    I wish you more luck with your mother and hope that it is NOt als

    I'm sorry your mom is sick, and you all are not getting clear cut answers as to why, or what, for certain. However, it sounds like she is already attending a great clinic, and has a doctor whom you have faith in. My best advice is to just follow their advice, and try to focus on helping her maintain as much quality of life as she can. Try not to let the focus be on having to receive a firm diagnosis, but rather on what can be done, irregardless of what the name of her illness.

    If she is open to using a communication device, there are several styles which may even be available from the ALSA or MDA loaner closet through the clinic she goes to. Also iPhone touch, and iPad. There is a lot of information on our website here on this subject, if you do a search. Perhaps check out the Sammons Preston catalog (they offer an online version) there are assistive devices there which could help her with personal care and daily living.

    Good luck to you and your family!!!
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