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  • hey man, dont smoke it unless you have a vaporizer so your lungs dont get hurt. please you'll need them as strong as possible in the later stages. and that wasnt my mother.. my mother passed 2 weeks ago. but yes it is medication not a drug for ALS patients. it helps with symptoms. Man keep on fighting and stay connected here it comforts the mind a lot.
    Hello Austrian Sinto,

    Sorry you had to find us, but now that you have, welcome! You have given some very comforting and supportive advice in your posts so far. The people here all appreciate that from our fellow 'sufferers'.

    I hope your journey is filled with many good memories and 'heightened' experiences. Things do take on a different perspective once one has been diagnosed with a disease like this. I guess that is the 'consolation prize'......

    We were in Vienna for three days in June last year. What a town!! Loved it, wish we could go back. Probably not in the cards now.

    Anyway, chime in any time you like, surf all the threads and feel free to comment or add to anything at any time.

    Hang tough,
    Welcome! Thank you for your post and reminding us of how important it is to be grateful and to appreciate. I wish you all the best on this incredible journey with ALS. Take care
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