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  • (so I’ve posted it upside down. drat!)

    You may think and feel that you’re on a wheel
    that ever goes ‘round and ‘round,
    but I’ve been “Nowhere” and I promise you fair
    that the promise I make is sound.

    Yes, I felt like you and one day I knew
    I’d delivered the fatal blow,
    For each time I thought I had fought for naught,
    I was wrong, as I came to know.

    For each time I fell and I visited Hell
    My strength was a tempered steel,
    Like the warrior’s blade from the fire made,
    And I knew my courage was real.

    So at your lowest time just recall this rhyme
    And remember these words my friend,
    That the demon dies a bit at a time
    When you face the swine to the end!

    © 2001 Glenny Palmer
    “NOWHERE” © 2001

    I’ve been to the moon and stars and back
    And I’ve been to the demon’s lair,
    I’ve seen some things make a soft heart crack
    And the devil himself despair;

    I’ve dreamed of a life in the face of death
    And I’ve died in the arms of care,
    But I’ve never seen such a barren hell
    As this place that they call “Nowhere”.

    It’s a nothing place where you come and go
    While the days of your life pass by,
    Where you think you’re dead, but you know you’re not
    ‘cause the dead don’t need to cry.

    You stand and stare at the sky in prayer
    And you wonder if God’s at home,
    And you feel so small in a world that’s all
    Fenced off for your soul to roam.

    You sleep and wake in a nightmare state
    While you long to simply dream,
    And you can’t recall when you try at all
    How you fell to this terrible scheme.

    The only gain is to face the pain
    ‘though your legs can hardly stand,
    you must realize that the monster’s size
    will diminish at your demand.
    G'daay from Oz. My mate John was diagnosed with MND in Nov 2012. I'm trying to be his carer. It is heartbreaking to see him struggling for breath while the medics seem to still be lounging under the coconut palms somewhere getting over Christmas. Hopefully he will get some tangible assistance very soon. I'm also hoping that John may find some compatible mates to chat with here. As I am a published poet I'd like to share a poem of HOPE (I hope) with you. I trust you will enjoy it & that it lightens your troubles somewhat to know you are not alone in your sufferings. (I am also a versifying comedian so I'll share some more light hearted ones in due course...if you like, of course.)
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