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    First Clinic Visit

    Hey Vince I went with my dad to 2 different clinics in the past 7 months. They were each very different. One was in a rural setting, in Salisbury MD, and the other in downtown Miami FL. Hands down, the Maryland clinic was much much more friendly and caring. Caring is the operative word. One...
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    Women's Pull up Pants

    I would think the skin tightness of yoga pants makes it hard to pull them up easily. I would try loose cotton pants or capris with a wide elastic waistband. Maybe even a flow-ey elastic waist skirt
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    No wheelchair with hospice

    The loaner chair my dad has did not come from the ALS closet- it was on loan from the Mobility wheelchair company that my dad was getting his custom chair from. This complicates things. Wow- they were so close to having his new chair. I suggested to my mom that my dad consider dropping hospice...
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    ALS, alcholism, and suffering

    Odessa- I'm so sorry you are dealing with these problems. Obviously, I'm sorry for your husband who has ALS- but you are a victim here too. It would be a miracle if your husband quit drinking and had the remainder of his life to spend sober. Miracles happen. I don't say this casually- because it...
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    No wheelchair with hospice

    I'd like to know how long it will actually take for the power chair to arrive- and then consider terminating hospice for that length of time. It will be up to my parents- obviously- they are of sound mind, I just want to help them however I may. I'm concerned though, that making really big...
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    No wheelchair with hospice

    Hi all, I've posted a few of my concerns about my Dad, and I thank you all for reading and responding. This new issue is quite awful. My dad was diagnosed with ALS in August 2014. He seemed to have "a light case" at that time, but has since developed quite a bit of difficulty breathing. He...
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    torso/lower back weakness

    Will definitely do so when the new chair arrives. Going to makes some calls today to see how it is coming along. Thanks for the tips.
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    Morphine to ease air hunger?

    Hi Igelby- I took your advise and started my own thread. Live and learn. The Brandywine tow path is not far from my house. I particularly enjoy kayaking from the Brandywine River Museum to Thompson's Bridge. My dad and I enjoyed kayaking together. Now his red kayak rests in my side yard. He also...
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    torso/lower back weakness

    Along with my Dad's core weakness, he has an issue getting comfortable in a seated position in most chairs: he complains of a pressure on the mid-upper section of his back that he says he almost feels in his throat. This pressure feeling makes it more difficult for him to breathe. He uses...
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    Morphine to ease air hunger?

    Thanks-all, for your kind and quick responses. I think I'll nix the thoughts of asking for payment from relatives. Definitely, I would never forgive myself if someone didn't visit- or thought badly of me for asking. Time is more precious than money. And morphine for air hunger- I was under the...
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    Morphine to ease air hunger?

    Hi, This is my first new thread. My dad, aged 78, has ALS. He was diagnosed last summer. He and my mom live far from me- and my siblings, but we maintain regular communication. Specifically- they are 1200 miles away- in the Florida Keys. Fortunately, I own a home in the same community- but, for...
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    Dad in hospital infection? Breathing a problem

    I'm new to this site- my dad also has a ALS, but not bulbar. He does have breathlessness- so I can relate. I hope you get through his rough spot- and get yourself together so that you will know how best to react next time. Wishing you well
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    Moving my father - who "prescribes" hospital bed?

    Check Craigslist. Last summer, my father in law passed. He had Parkinsons for a good 20 years. I say good- because it wasn't until the last 2 years that things got rough. Anyway- I sold his hospital bed, and motorchair on craiglist for $100 each. It was only just after his passing, that my...
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    Hi Laurie Thanks so much for your response to my post following "dad has passed by matts" -about...

    Hi Laurie Thanks so much for your response to my post following "dad has passed by matts" -about my Dad. You are right- I should have started a new thread as my concern was not just for Mattb's dad's passing, but my dislike of the Miami ALS clinic compared to Penninsula McCabe in Salisbury Md...
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    Husband Diagnosed in January 2015

    Hi Pauline My dad was diagnosed with ALS in August 2014. I read everything I could. The ALS clinic had a library and gave me about 30 books- factual, memoirs- even children's books. I read them all- but Tuesdays With Morrie is my favorite. Your story really struck me because I've been married 25...