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  • Hi. My father was diagnosed with MDA/ALS yesterday at the Kessenich Family MDA/ALS Center, Miami. He had become progressively stooped over, weak, and fatigued over the last 6 months. His internist, and a neurologist at the local hospital in Key Largo, Fl recognized his symptoms, and put him through a lot of tests- blood tests, MRI of brain and spine, spinal tap, EMG, sleep test and pulmonary function. All tests lead to MDA- low end of ALS spectrum.
    So, here I am- 1200 miles away from Miami, but 50 miles from Baltimore. I'm wondering if I should encourage my Dad to get a second opinion. He comes up from Florida to Delaware in a few weeks. He is 77- seems old for an ALS diagnosis. He has my mom, an RN, at his side- they have been married 55 years, but she has issues with high blood pressure spikes, and serious arthritis in her hips and knees.
    What should we expect next? Should he go to Johns Hopkins for another opinion, or is an ALS diagnosis like a positive pregnancy test?
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