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  • Hey does it matter what ALS clinic you go to? There is one here in Oklahoma City and there is one in Dallas Texas does it matter which one I go to
    Mike... What is the monthly value of "Aid & Assistence" that my wife is currently applying for. We are hearing conflicting information. Be advised that I still have use of all my extremities and don't anticipate any loss in the near future.
    It's ok Mike I'm just scared how my arms and legs and hands are feeling when I move them they are weak and stiff and heavy but they also feel extremely light and disconnected from me it's so weird like my arms feel really crazy and disconnected from me and I'm over shooting everything and dropping things and my legs feel really messed up to like when I'm walking my legs don't wanna go out forward it's like a weird sensation pushing them backwards it feels like my waist down is cut off from my body so can you answer these problems for me again I'm sorry it's just worrying the shit out of me and I'm trying my best of living and this is just to much
    Hi, just a quick note...
    First I would thank you for your info about the VA... it has been very helpful to me and my wife.

    I am glad that the situation regarding my post supporting twitchykitty's post has been explained to her.
    On that note I would like to assure you that I would have no intention of attempting to hijack any thread.
    To offer an explanation of my actions; when I see the statement 'it says in the Bible' or something on that line, my first thought (and I am sure the thoughts of others) is that the statement either may or may not be true... it is perhaps just something that they have heard in their past.
    I was merely trying to add validity to her statement... that's all.

    On another note; I too have not been able to find any 'written' rule regarding posting. The only list of rules that I have been able to find were a short 3 or 4 line disclaimer regarding not being offensive, etc.
    Oops sorry I didn't know about the religious thing, my apologies. Can I ask where the guidelines are? I'd rather not do or say the wrong thing. In hindsight I should've sent a pm maybe
    Its RHC4 not GM06...Yes i know its not good for my mental health but what can i do...when i have a non stop 24x7 twitching in my calves and can not make me calm...its now five months i am passing with this muscle twitch,,,Now dr told me for an emg, i know something is going wrong... :(
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