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  • Hey the MDA clinic called me today and the doctor went over my records and said that he wouldn't see me because my results form my emg on my legs, so they rejected me
    I posted pics of my hands Mike, just so you can see what I've been dealing with. I'm not looking for a diagnoses here. And know everyone is prob tired of me. It's scary how bad they look
    Thanks Mike.
    You are most helpful. Just let me know how! I find it a bit difficult navigating this forum. By the way, I have visited the US many times and will go again for sure.

    Best regards

    I don't seem to have the option to reply to your private message. Please let me know if I can do that.
    Of course. I understand, and apologize for the transgression. Thank you for the well wishes, and for all you do.
    Take care
    Hi Mike, sorry I'm not sure how to reply to a PM. No, my background is in Veterinary medicine, so the basics of biology and different specialties are familiar to me, along with medical terminology. My familiarity with the chiari malformation comes from my own, diagnosed on a recent MRI. I've researched it to death in my own "find any other possible diagnosis than ALS" quest while I await my EMG.
    Take care
    Thanks for your explanation MIke, I do understand. I sure hope we end up with no reason to hand around here or another MND forum too,
    I am confused as to why you deleted my reply to another persons post and told me not to post to there threads? I mentioned my situation and that of a friend, but only in the context of what the poster was saying- I did not think it was a thread jack. Am I somehow not qualified to post replies to others threads? Was what I said scary to others potentially? I get that, but honestly I see a lot of things here ever by mods that could be scary to others. I think I was here legitimately, my husband and I have been told he may have ALS. Anyway, I will leave now and I wish you all survivors, suffers and caregivers alike the best. If it does turn out to be the worst Dx I think we will head elsewhere for support.
    I see you deleted my thread, could you answer the two questions I asked in the thread though for me?
    Thanks for your reply. I say hear as I don't want to disrespect anyone by posting on the thread
    Hi mike, listen not looking for anyone to diagnose me, nor do I disagree with what any of the knowledgeable people here are saying. But all everyone said is no because of pain. I've done emgs, mri's, blood work, all normal. But what about my weakness? I know everyone's is prob annoyed with me and posting, hence the fact no one has replied. I'm scared and sad. Do you know of anyone experiencing something similar
    I did get service connected and a good pension, so I lucked out there. Going to SSDI neuro exam tomorrow, hopefully. That goes well.
    Hi Mike, why would you close my thread. I have clear symptoms of something to that of UMN or ALS. I'm only trying to get some support here as my symptoms point to nothing more than that. Why do you guys say no ALS , because I had pain throughout it all, now my thumb and index finger are clinically weak with clear atrophy, and loss of dexterity. Doesn't ALS when presented in the hand start in thumb and then spreads to the other fingers. Oh and you mentioned emg's how many times have I read that it doesn't detect ALS all the time. None of this make sense and you guys keep brushing me off. It makes me sad, I'm only here for the support. Clear Atrophy from thumb to my wrist, stiffness in thumbs, index fingers that shake.
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