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  • Mike,
    I read the memoriam thread about your wife's passing. Thank you for all you wrote, it helps. My husband and I are both veterans, 21 years Air Force. He was diagnosed May 2017 and also has FTD. My daughters and I have discussed it and we all feel that when he passes we would like to donate his brain for research. I am leaning towards the VA donation program, but I was wondering if you have any advice in this area.
    Thank you,
    Hello again helpfull man! I just want to say that I went to my doctor and talked about my muscle twitching in my calfes that has been going on for 2 months. He just looked at me and laughed everything away and told me that its impossible for me to get this disease, just because Iam 25 years old with no family history of this disease. He gave me a medication (paraflex) to relax my muscles but they dont seem to help.. I dont know what to do and where to go from now. Can you give me some advice my friend?

    Tnx for your time
    Mike, you are one of the stars of this forum - helping those who need your help the most!
    Wow, that is incredible you worked building Epcot. You must have a completely different view of the park than us tourists.
    We may have some time on the Wednesday morning before we head down south. We arrive on Apr 22nd, Epcot, Monday, AK Tuesday and then off. Do you live nearby? Please have patience if I don’t return your message right away. I am bad at getting involved with other stuff and not checking.

    I didn’t check this week because I did my last work trip last week and was in Salt Lake City and then Washington State near my house. It was gruelling even though I got wheelchairs through the airports. Strangely, I got very depressed after I returned. Maybe a manifestation of jet lag? Or exhaustion?
    We are heading to your neck of the woods Mike! Two days at WDW then down to Miami to fly to Aruba. Do you think the weather will be good at the end of April or will it be hot already?

    Thanks Mike
    Hi Mike

    After all this time I found your In Memorial post for your wife and your blog here. I plan to read it all, and your eulogy for your wife was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. She was lovely.
    Hello Atsugi.
    You are so kind person...i really wish to see you face to face... take care man...god bless you...
    I just wanted to tell my heart words.:)
    Mike aka "Atsugi", I would like to respond here to your pm. Am I free to speak my mind or will you issue another gag order against me?
    Ok so they can't just reject you from trying to see them but if they look over your records and they don't think you have it then they won't let u come in
    My pcp sent a referral to him and he went over my records and said he would not see me because the emg was clean, now this is coming from ALS specialist
    The doctor that went over my records didn't even look at me he said that I couldn't make an appointment with him because the emg was normal
    Haven't talk to him, but why would they reject me, how am I suppose to go see a ALS specialist if they won't let me come in
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