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  • ed my muscles would fatigue more easily then normal but my weights were pretty similar as before.
    Fast foward to this summer i have gotten tests for everything from autoimmune-deficiency’s-thyroid-lymes you name it. I googled why symptoms and saw these could be from als. The last month i have had severe muscle twitching everyday. Muscle pain and tightness throughout my body. I also feel as if Im not balanced when i walk And my hands are clumsy. This only happens after i began to fear als so it could be anxiety. My neuro did a clinical exam and said I passed with flying colors and my pcp agrees but they can’t find anything else. I️ am wondering if you think it’s worth pushing for an emg?
    Thank you so much for reading god bless you and all you do
    Hey Mike, I have read countless posts on these ALS forums and for one wanted to thank you for being so knowledgeable and helping people. I was wondering the best place to donate to ALS research as I plan to do that tonight.
    I would like to share my worries with you and see if you have any thoughts on them (I really do value your opinion).
    It all started last year where I lost control of the muscle of my anal sphincter as it was in a constant spasm. It lead to constipation but I learned to live with it. During the year I️ began to develop muscle stiffness in my back and my neck that did subside for a little then came back and still hasn’t left. I have to crack my neck and back countless times throughout the day. I also noticed during the school year that I a few muscle twiches when i would lie down before bed but I ignored it and didn’t think much of it. I also would get random bouts of fatigue as if I had a flu. I am an avid weight and have been my whole life and notic
    Hi Atsugi,

    Hope you’re well. I know you continue to help so many people worrying about their symptoms. I hope it’s alright that I swnd you a private message. Can I share Some updates with you? If so, please let know. You have a great deal of knowledge on this subject, and even though we haven’t met, I trust your opinion. Please let me know if it’s ok that I send over an update on recent doctor visits, symptoms, etc.
    thank you in advance your any help you can provide.
    Thanks Mike for the information. Would you be open to talking to me? My concern is growing and would welcome the insight and direction. I would like to talk about my Mayo experience and what to do and how to approach all this.
    Hello Mike,

    I know you had replied to me previously and indicated Dr Joseph on Lee Road. Tried to look him up and not finding. Is he neuromuscular? Associated with Florida Hospital? Any help you can provide locally would be much appreciated.

    Hello..... I had started a thread about two weeks ago regarding my symptoms and you had kindly replied. Since that time my symptoms have continued to rapidly increase and was seen at Mayo today in Jacksonville with Dr Julie Hammack who is a neurologist. Question, should I try and get seen by Dr Boylan and is he neuromuscular doctor? I was put through with Dr Hammack as an emergency and was seen within one day. An EMG was ordered there as well as a swallow study. She said she doesn’t trust any outside EMGs. I really am thinking that I should request to be transferred to a neuromuscular doctor. Is it Dr Boylan that actually conducts the EMG?

    I appreciate your insight as I know you are local here in the Orlando area as well. Any help is appreciated.
    I submitted a thread on Friday with several links in it. It was regarding a new neck brace. Did it get lost? Should I resubmit it? Thanks.
    Hello best mike. I have been on this forum for a time. I must say you are an fantastic man. I am self in whaiting game for a dx. I really wish you the best of regards mike.
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