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  • Hi Atsugi,
    I've been looking at these forums recently to try and put my fears into perspective, I've noticed that you are one of the most helpful/informative members.
    I'm 19, I know any form of MND would be very rare at this age but I have been suffering from constant twitches in my feet, as well as big thumping ones all over. I also occasionally have random muscle jerks, I have a near constant dull ache/burning pain in my legs, I feel as if my legs wont carry me some days. My neck and my hands tremor a lot throughout the day. I have been to my GP but he has dismissed my issues as anxiety. I know the doctor is most likely right but an opinion off you would do my anxiety the world a good. I have had these symptoms for 4 months in which time I was in a car crash and I find it quite irritating that the doctors will not even refer me for investigation of spinal issues as the crash was quite severe. I know you're not a doctor and you cant diagnose me but I appreciate any input about MND
    Hello Atsugi,
    since you were the only one to respond to my concerns i wanted to ask you 2 questions and I know you are not a doctor,but I am just asking for your opinion.
    1.I have noticed that my left trapeze muscle has singnificaly shrank and i am concerned it might be question is can a muscle atrophy without clinical weakness in this disease? second question is can you have this disease if you have a clear babinski and hoffman reflex?
    I don't want you to feel obligated to answer me,you can just ignore it.Thank you
    The main thing that scares me is that my legs and arms feel like there not connected to me, they feel like phantom legs like there not there, and when I'm trying to use them I don't kno where they are when I try to use them, i can also feel a delay sensation while I'm moving things, like everything kinda pauses when I attempt to do anything, and my hand feel like there not mine and my fingers don't want to do what I want them to do, but i am so detached from my body that I feel like I'm brain dead, when I use my legs for a little bit after I sit down my calves start twitching even more, it's like all of my muscles are tight like a rubber and, just typing this my fingers are hitting different letters that I'm not wanting to use and they are cramping up
    Mike, can you possibly help is about 6:20am in California right now...I spent a couple of hours writing a long was a new thread I had started under PALS...I submitted it and the screen said it couldn't be processed for some reason I didn't there any way you might be able to try to retrieve it and post it for me...I poured my heart and soul into it, and I am so exhausted, I don't understand what went wrong...none of the moderators lights are lit just now...if you can possibly help me it would mean so much to me. Thank you, sincerely, Laura.
    Hi Mike,
    My dad found out that his second cousin on his father's side was just diagnosed with ALS. We haven't been able to find any other members who have had it that we know of. Would you be overly concerned that it was in your genes? Thanks, Kim
    Just wanted to say that I got your last message and I really appreciate you clearing those things up for me. I'll reply in depth to that and your other PM as soon as I'm able to send private messages, but for now, thanks a lot.
    Do you mind if I wait till I get to 25 posts to reply to you, then, because I don't really wish to discuss what was in our PM over public visitor messages?
    Hi - I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot, I can't seem to figure out how I'm supposed to reply to your private message? Do I have to be an advanced member or something like that?
    Hi, how are you doing? I was wondering if there is a way of deleting my profile because since I changed my status I started receiving messages of people with bfs and I think this will happen more often not just for me but to the forum in general since I had bfs for years before and maybe this will make things harder for you to manage the messages that will come from people who will use my case as an "example" about what can happen to them. I dont care about messages directed for me, I will try to answer. I am worried with the scared people posting more and more here because of me. What do you think?
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