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  • do you think with me having a EMG on both of my thighs and my calves, was enough to rule out ALS? Do I need a EMG on my arms and my hands and my tongue to?
    Tell me 1 really good reason why you don't think I have ALS? Even though I have all the symptoms of it
    ok so do you think I need to go to a ALS clinic to make sure I don't have ALS or I do? The neurologist I seen said that one of his specialtys was ALS, but he didn't work at ALS clinic. He was just a regular neurologist
    Ok I'm only 25 but all of my issues started when I was 16 but everything progressed over the years and got worse
    Have you talked to other people on here that has symptoms like me? Like the feeling of my legs and arms not being attached to me and they feel like they are not getting the signals
    is that how it feels before you go paralyzed in ALS? From what I just told you about my brain not sending the signals to my limbs and the limbs feeling like they are not attached to me and they feel very light like they weigh as much as a piece of paper but they are heavy at the same time
    Why are my legs and arms not getting the signals from my brain, they are slow responding and freezing
    Thanks for your response Atsugi, and I'm sorry for wasting your time, I won't bother posting on the sub-forum as I feel I will now be wasting other peoples time too as you've given me an informative answer, I understand the car cash has nothing to do with ALS, I was thinking more other spinal issues, but ignore that, not your responsibility to comment on that. Thanks again for your time, you wont be seeing me here again hopefully.

    Best regards

    Thank you for your honest answer Atsugi,I am concerned because my left arm stil feels weak,but i guess i am gonna have to wait for and Emg to be completly calm.Thanks again you were realy helpful to me.
    Sorry, my mistake, my neck doesn't tremor, that would really concern me ha!I meant to say I have a near constant dull ache in my neck and shoulders which radiates down my arms.
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