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  • Hello Roderick, your blog was excellent as usual, and dasher must be working well for you or you could not blog ....Hope the Lord is sustaining you, holding you up.
    A big embrace
    Just bopping in to say HI!! How are you? Thanks for sharing pictures of the remodel--so glad you can have a more functional home. Really enjoying your blog and appreciate your words and thoughtfulness in writing. We are doing good. Arms now affected for Jim so we've started to make changes to make things easier. How are the kids? Doesn't seem that long ago and you had a wedding in the midst. You've had a lot going on in a fairly short time. Praying the Lord is sustaining you through this journey!
    Hello friend, I keep telling myself I should get use to eye tracker or eye mouse....but I am in denial...dont know how long before I lose the use of my scares the heck out of me. Keep in touch!
    I know it must be difficult writing at a slow pace...that would throw me off too. But you have written your blog beautifully! A friend of mine is taking me to see the fields of tulips today, and it is a glorious sunny day so I am looking forward to this~
    love you
    Roderick, glad that Dasher is working out for you! We are having a glorious Spring here, sunshine, flowers blooming and birds singing...lovely! Glad you have a place you can enjoy the beauty, sounds very pleasant.
    God bless. Keep in touch, love you
    I just saw a lung doc and he said on top of everything i had a bit of asthma! So he gave me meds and now I am feeling better. WHEW! I havent had a cold in years, but the nurse's assistant at the drug trial had a cold and she was all over me....why dont they get it? ! With breathing fvc at 40% ?? WILL WRITE SOON.
    Hello, i have sick with a cold a long time...breathing capacity is at 40% and with a cold and stuffed up nose it is pure hell...please pray for me. Will try to catch you up when I am feeling better.
    I am forging ahead with my freedom. I feel like I have been given a second chance, doesn't matter if it's not real, what matters is what I do with it :).
    Sorry bugger is still spitting the dummy. Hopefully she/ he will also get a second chance.
    I just watched Independance day......great movie.
    Hope alls well with you in hot old Oz.
    Hey Roderick! Thanks for checking in! I am feeling well overall, but more importantly how are you feeling? Please do not be a stranger!
    Hello friend, its was nice to get your note. I am doing well, very involved with the steering committee which keeps my head up and fighting. Do you ever go on Face is the link to Treat Us Now:

    there is a very moving video of the Salzburg family who are starting a petition against Biogen for denying them compassionate access to the trial drug Dex...

    Thinking and praying for you.
    Hi Roderick hope you are well , I had a busy Xmas as usual , Have not been on the forum for while so its good to hear from you . I hope your symptoms are bearable and that this new(ish) year is a good one for you and family. God bless .. Alex
    Hey Roderick - Have you ever found a way to modify your PWC so you can drive it onto the sand? The wife and I used to love to go to the beach but now we have to watch the ocean from the sidewalk. I have a Permobil C300. It seems like with the right tires (if there was an add-on kit) it would be no problem. -Tom
    Hey, good to hear from you. I am glad that you enjoyed your week at the beach. I've been doing okay -- having some trouble with my toes cramping up and my shoulders coming out of the socket I don't think I have lost any more movement.

    Our weather has been wonderful considering it is winter. Very little snow on the ground less than any inch I would imagine and daytime temperatures in the 40s and even 50s on occasion. The sun is out most every day with blue blue sky! I am hoping that spring is just around the corner. :)

    I hope that your week at the beach didn't drain you but rather filled you with warmth and a sense of grace. We are lucky to be on our age before the Demon of the disease lives in our bodies. I feel so sorry for the younger people who have small children and not time to make the memories that we have. We truly are blessed don't you think?
    Been too busy with this steering committee....I probably need to step back a bit...too much takes away from my life...It is snowing here and so sooo beautiful! love you
    oh yes, I think you did!
    We are away on holidays now, for a couple of weeks near the beach. I'm probably going to stay away from here for most of that time, hope you wont mind! Feel free to send an email though.
    God's Peace, in greater measure.
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