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  • thanks april... didnt expect anyone to remember my birthday, even automatic forum messages... you never replied to my posts, so didnt notice you. by now... take care!
    I do have brisker reflexes and a couple beats of clonus with the twitching and jerks.
    I too have been on an anti-depressant and has helped significantly for the emotional aspect of all this. I am going to stay away from this site as much as possible and try and remove myself from this nightmare. I will be following up with the neuromuscular doc again in 3 months to see how everything is going. If you want to keep in touch we can through email so feel free to send me your email and I will reach out to you.

    Many thoughts of you and glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better as well!

    Hi April!

    So nice to see your message and thoughts as I proceeded today. I had a very reassuring EMG and NCV. The neuromuscular doctor performing is at a teaching university and heads up their ALS and movement disorders clinic. He talked to me through the exam and found nothing that pointed towards a progressive neurological disease. He believes that what I am experiencing is due to a "smoldering" autoimmune process affecting the small nerve fibers somewhat like small fiber neuropathy. Believes that addressing diet with anti-inflammatory foods and high intensity exercise may help.

    Hi April,

    I have been trying to stay off the forum as doesn’t help me at all. I’m still having my issues and growing. I am having another EMG on Monday so we will see. I have been doing much better emotionally but is still so tough as this not knowing what is wrong is the toughest part. How about yourself? Any improvement or changes? I hope you are doing better as well.

    Hi April..... I am still seeking out.answers to my symptoms as well. They seem to be continuing to grow by the day and have me very concerned. My EmG was “essentially normal”. I am having throat issues now, growing twitching, jerks, and cramping. My knuckles are sore if hands lay flat for any period of time. It just seems to be never ending. I have another neuromuscular appointment on July 30th. I think the last neuromuscular doc saw me as a hypochondriac. But everything is real. I just need to approach this appointment much differently. I agree that it seems as if without clinical weakness that the doctor doesn’t see anything wrong. There is a reason for all this. I just pray it’s not what I fear.
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