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  • Hi Phil, I am always saying hi to Ann and I don't think I have ever talked to you directly. Thinking of you and Ann and praying for the both of you.

    And I love you both. I understand. Truth be known, I think of and pray with Ann regurlarly and feel her near. It's good to know that she has you by her side. Thank you so much for all you do Phil. I know it's not easy. I know that you and she share a big love.
    Love and prayers,
    I just want everyone to know how much your kind thoughts mean to Annie and me. Sorry I haven't had more time to post. Although the opportunities to write are limited, we have been reading on the forum regularly. So even though you might not hear from us please know that your postings and messages are being read and greatly appreciated. Annie sleeps most of the time now and is very weak. I try to stay at her beside, which is where I am now. We both love you all very, very much. Thanks for loving my Annie. I'll keep you informed as I'm able.

    Hi Phil, thank you for being there for Ann, she means a lot to me. Please give her a hug and kiss for me.

    Thank you
    Welcome Phil,

    I just wanted to say, after reading so much that Ann has written, that you two are a true Love Story. Tell Ann I said Happy Thanksgiving, and that she's never far from my thoughts. xo
    Welcome Phil, Ann always speaks well of you, and I am so glad you have retired now, and can spend more time with her. I am so sorry all of us are having to go through this. Give my special friend a gentle hug from me today, kiss her cheek, and tell her I Love Her..
    Welcome Phil, glad to know that Annie has you with her! She speaks often of you and with much love and admiration! Give her a hug for me.
    WELCOME PHIL just want to let you know that I am praying for you and annie and tell her I count on her prayers for me....that is her only occupation except for loving you....
    Dear Phil,
    I saw you have your own profile here now and wanted to say hello. Like many here Annie is really important to me and she wrote often of you. I pray for you both each day. Thanks for all you do for her and are to her. Dross coming to the surface resonates with me and the incredible pain. I am still learning in the Lord about what it all means... Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.
    Thanks Ken - I know that it is impossible to really understand until they've been through it themselves. Thanks for being such a friend to Annie. These last few years have taught me things - important things - that I never could have learned any other way. Do I really trust God indeed, or do I just ascent to the pleasant notion of trusting Him? Do I really "set my mind on things above rather than things on the earth"? This is a trial by fire for all of us, and in my case, much dross has come to the surface. The fire is incredibly painful - can I bow in honest humility and really believe that even this is working together for good to those who love God - for Annie - for me - for all of Annie's friends on this forum? Can I truthfully say with Paul, "For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain"? Do I pray as I ought? As I say, the Lord has revealed much dross in me.

    Thanks again. Grace and peace to you my friend.
    Hi Phil,
    Good to see you on,so sorry about Ann,my bride of 45 years was sick for five years before she passed,we were best friends and I understand what your going through.You are a blessing for Ann and my prayers are with you---------------------------Ken
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