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  • telbivudine has been proposed as new treatment for Als and so has been dexamethasone... any updates for trying it...
    Any response about the promises of cuatsm drug disclosed in Australia today...it is available in market....can we try it.....How long will it take to come in market
    I am sorry to hear this. If you were given a diagnosis of ALS you may post in newly diagnosed if you want. Riluzole is felt to work best early in the disease and then again late in the disease. Although it can affect the liver and you need to do blood tests periodically many do fine with it. I have taken it for more than 4 years
    Today I had my repeat emg after 4 months....the previous one was ok.....but today it was abnormal for whole body emg....I was prescribed 50 mg rilutek ....I have heard it damages liver and how efficient is it if taken f4on initial stage of disease as I am still working but with too much low energy
    Hi Anjum Nazir-

    You have posted on your own profile page and may not receive any answers here. You will get a better response if you go to the forum itself and post here:


    If you look at the top left of that page you will see a "Post New Thread". Just select that and you will be able to post.

    I am from Kashmir India. My mother and one aunt were patients of some sort of neurodegenerative disease diagnosed as mnd ...they lived fairly long life of 17 years ..my third maternal aunt had Parkinson's disease..all the three expired around 60 to 63 years of age....I am 45 and had a furore of pricks in my feet and hands along with crawling insects and late on muscle twitches which cannot be seen with naked eye....very disturbing symptoms along with wasting or atrophy of my right peroneal and calf muscles of right leg...I walk ...I go to office every day..and do all my work....does mnd or als happen this way ....slowly over months till one day a person trips and is confined to bed ....am i suffering from the disease...I walk and do all things by myself but I feel slowly the disease is taking me over...
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