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    In search of Tilt & Space cincinnati

    In search of Tilt and space wheelchair. Located in Cincinnati.
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    been a while

    So I haven't been on here in a while. I've been getting support by joining a als caregivers fb group. But somehow I'm not apart of the group anymore. Anyway I hope everyone is hanging in there. Right now we are trying to get a head mouse for a communication device for mom. We were told the...
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    sinuses and throat

    Thank you all. She does have a peg tube. I will probably end up getting the wal tussin.
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    sinuses and throat

    + what a terrible experience with choking. Sending love and prayers your way.
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    sinuses and throat

    I hope you have a very quick recovery! I can't imagine being in a hospital bed. When mom stayed overnight for the feeding tube the bed made her feel soooo incredibly miserable and uncomfortable. I will call her neurologist tomorrow. Mucinex works great but she is unable to swallow pills...
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    What technology/device do pALS need most?

    I love Brians ideas and number 4.
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    sinuses and throat

    Hello everyone. My mother is having problems coughing phlegm. She can clear her throat but is not able to spit it out. (Sorry for being vulgar) It is also hard to help blow her nose, as she cannot well blow very well. Is this where the suction machine comes in?
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    me, judged?

    This is a very helpful forum but I think some of us need realize we are all here for each other. I am just taken back as to why anyone would want to make assumptions and judgments. Hmmm to each their own?
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    sucking through straw/ smoking

    If you took the time to read my post maybe you could see that I was seeking more advice from people who experienced similar issues with deterioration of the muscles used that do the things like suck through a straw. Smoking is similar to this
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    sucking through straw/ smoking

    Nvogue. Anything that my mother wants to do to enjoy the life she has left I will do for her. She also loved playing on the computer, using a mouse. We now use an eye gaze and that enables her to select with her eyes. You and I know how terrible this disease is. I am not asking you to...
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    Venting like always

    We have looked into it but its just not feasible right now. He pays me 100 a week for housekeeping and caregiving but even struggles with this. My mother worked in a nursing home and doesn't like the idea of a Hoyer lift. But I'm afraid she might fall when we are trying to use the restroom. She...
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    Venting like always

    Reflecting on today. I care for my mother Monday through Friday usually 9 a.m.-7 or later to help with dinner. My father has a pretty physically demanding job, but takes care of her nights, mornings before work and weekends. I recently put in my two weeks notice and my weekend retail job so I...
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    Thank you so much! I hope things are as well as they can be with you. Thank you for the kind words.

    Thank you so much! I hope things are as well as they can be with you. Thank you for the kind words.
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    sucking through straw/ smoking

    Recently, my mother has been having trouble sipping through a straw or drawing smoke out of the end of a cigarette. Her doctors told her she can smoke if she wants to which consists of me holding it to her mouth. Has anyone had these problems before? I didn't expect changes this soon.
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    We have never used a lift, I wouldn't know where to begin. The steps and commode sound like a good idea. We had our bathroom remodeled for use of the wheelchair.