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  • Hey, I wanted to personally apologize to you for my catty response on the board regarding smoking. I am deeply sorry for my rude words.

    I hope your mom is hanging in there (and you too.)
    Hey - sorry I didn't look at some previous posts of yours before I replied today. I see that your mom does have a feeding tube. Good luck, Trina
    Just wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you. Keep your chin up. You are a good daughter and are doing a great job taking care of your mother the best you can. Try to take a little break for yourself every once in awhile as others suggested. Take care, Kim
    Hi! You wrote on your own wall instead of mine so I didn't see your message right away. My name is Kim and I'm 46. We have three children. Our twins boy/girl are 15 and our youngest son is 9. I work as a switchboard operator at our local hospital. I've been working there for the past 24 years. My dad got his official diagnosis of ALS in May of '12. I live in a small town in central Illinois. Take care and write me anytime. Kim
    Sorry I never got back to you. My name is Angela and I live with my boyfirend. I am 23 years old and work at a department store. I have a Bachellors degree but its so hard to find a good job in Cincinnati, Ohio. Right now I can only work part time because I'm helping my mother. Her progression seems so fast. I am thinking about getting on some depression medication. Things are really getting to me. So tell me more about yourself! You have identical twins? Fraternal?
    Thinking of you. We just celebrated our youngest son's 9th birthday. Our other two are twins boy/girl who are 15. They just got their driving permits. Scary! lol Write me anytime and tell me more about yourself. Take care, Kim
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