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  • Hello Angela. I'm sorry to hear about your moms diagnosis. My mom was bulbar onset too with her voice and swallow the first to show signs. If I can be of any help just shout.
    Hello everyone my mom was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS in July 2010. She is having difficulty speaking. He words are almost impossible to make out somedays. She goes to the ALS clinic in feb and has decided its probably time for the feeding tube as she is choking alot on liquids. She is a little weak on her right side, but is noticing the spasticity problems with the cold weather. I go down for all of her appointments and try to get down to see her as often as I can. I will take time off when she has surgery and i think I will stay off to be more of a primary caregiver for her then. I am a PSW with some knowledge about ALS but not alot. She lives with a man 10 years older than her and he seems to be very good with her needs but I am not sure exactly what he will be able to handle. Nice to meet everyone!
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