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  • Your symptoms do not sound at all like ALS. I have limb onset ALS and weakness is gradual.
    You obviously have something going on but it's not ALS.
    I also want to mention that vickim does not have ALS and has already been told by forum moderators to stop giving out medical & ALS advice. It's strange but we do have some members on the forum that likes to pretend to have ALS & give out false advice.
    I do hope you find out the cause of your symptoms soon.
    I really doubt it is als. Als does not come and go. It does not go at night and return in the morning. It doesn't attack the body as a whole it usually starts in a hand or foot. The first symptom is clinical weakness.

    I am not a doctor but I agree with Affected. It could be residual affects of a virus. Did you have blood tests done? Lymes, or something like that. Stress is also playing a role in this too. The more you focus on your body and what is going on the worse it will get.
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