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    Siegen, Northrhine Westfalia, GER
    Interest: I am interested in learning about ALS/MND.
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    Eikthyrnir is on a distinguished road
    Default Re: Pre-diagnosis
    Hi Andersk2. What test did you get so far? I am in a likewise situation as you are. Did you tell all your relatives instantly?
    Staying positive and enjoying your life is so much easier as long as you shrug off the clinical weakness your Dr. Keeps pointing out is getting progressively wors, take the elevator because the elevator because your legs are too heavy and stiff to use the steps, don't worry about using your left hand or atmosphere because you know it's not going to work and sleep every night on a heated blanket with your legs propped up because the deep muscular discomfort and stiffness keep you up all night. The hard part is saying OK, it's time, I give, I will see a specialist and accept that something may be wrong. But first, a trip to the insurance company to up my life insurance and long term disability coverage!
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