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  • I had these twitches all over my body in 2010. I also have a 50/50 chance of getting ALS because this desease has taken my father and brother. I created a website to detail what I did in 2011 and continue to do to keep this desease from starting in my body. Maybe you can benefit by making a few lifestyle changes like I did. Good luck. www.stopalsfromstarting.com
    Yes I have twitches but the gabapentin helps with that. I had tests after tests for 5 years, I had abnormal emg that showed I had neuropathy in my feet. The muscle bio was what diagnosed the mito.
    Thanks vickim, do you have fasiculations too? Is a muscle biopsy the only way to diagnose it as I've had blood work etc and all ok x

    I have exercise intolerance, weakness(clinical), and severe fatigue. I have mitochondrial myopathy. It is in the muscular dystrophy family. It is a muscle disease. They did a muscle biopsy to diagnose it. I really don't think you have als. Go to the MDA.org website and research there. See If it fits what you are experiencing. Take care. Vicki
    All you do is find the thread you want to post in and click on it. At the bottom of the page is a box and there you type your question. Then hit the post a quick reply button.

    If you want to start your own thread Click on the "Do I have ALS" thread and at the top is a button "start new thread", click on it and a box appears for title and then another box for your questions or whatever you want to say. Type what you want and then at the bottom there is a button to submit your thread, click it and you're on your way.
    I've had lots of blood tests done, all normal. I can't work out how to post on the actual forum, thanks for your reply
    Hi Amy

    Maybe you should post on the thread "Do I Have ALS". You would get some response to your questions.

    Twitching in als is usually after there is weakness and muscle loss. Did your Gp do any tests, blood or other wise? It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency, so don't fret about a terminal disease.
    Hello, I'm sorry to bother you all, I could really do with some advice if you don't mind. I have had twitching thighs for 5 months and the last 7 weeks my thighs have become very sore, I have no weakness that I am aware of but even climbing stairs makes my thighs burn a lot. They are sore everyday and the twitching is continuous. I spoke to my GP today and he want me to go and see him to possibly refer me to a neurologist, I am very worried now. Any replies would be hugely appreciated, thanks, Amy
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