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  • Hi Jacob — thanks so much for your message! It was super reassuring. Yeah, to be honest I've always been a hypochondriac but since these symptoms began last year I initially thought MS. But when I heard of ALS, and knowing it was significantly scarier, I guess my mind has clung to that option, just terrified that I have it.

    Thank you so much again! All the love, and feel free to keep in touch. :)
    I have some similar symptoms as you and occasionally check this site for reassurance. I have similar symptoms to you and seem to have good and bad days. I have been twitching all over my body for 2 years. I feel weak and my muscle ache in my hip all the way down to my feet and arms/shoulders. I'm am very anxiety ridden as well. I have decided to wait it out and not go back to a doctor. The first time I went everything check out fine. I do not have clinical weaknesses. With my anxiety I can make myself feel short of breath at night it's just crazy. I understand stand your frustrations in having als fear. It's very unlikely either of us have it or will every get it with how symptoms are presenting. BFS/anxiety is the only thing I have come up with. Gang in there!
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