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  • Ok have not had time to read posts much, so where are you?? Miss you, but hope you are having fun..
    ALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Almost time for you and Paul's European Vacation! I haven't talked to you in a while and I MISS you my friend. I'm watching the Grammys on tv right now, Linnea's on her laptop next to me. Beach Boys are playing, they're all ancient now, still singing. Love you lots,
    Hey girlfriend, I read your post where you joked about returning to Helen's. May I suggest that the next time you visit the united states you come out west to South Dakota and visit the ranch. You're always welcome and we have plenty of room plus the added luxury of heat! :) :) :)

    You asked about my cat -- she enjoys riding on my lap in the power chair. I guess after I ran over her a few times she got a hint that riding better and safer. I am supposed to get my new chair on the 20th and I'll see if she is as anxious to jump up then. I am anxious to get it. This one is too big for me and when I tried to reach the controls I practically dislocated my shoulder. It worked for the first couple months but I have lost so much arm and hand strength since then that it is a real workout for me now. The new chair has been measured just for me and will have a tray across the front with that controls that are buttons rather than joysticks. That should help.
    yeah,I got that when I read your post, that is one to function like a nurse or consulor not dr google(the a__)
    I have had "family" tell me that iproably dont have als cause thats not part of the synptoms or i am exagerating cause they looked it up and it doesnt affect you that way. It also led to alot of false hope. Thanks for making remeberr there are ours who need something we can give mp
    (sry about the spelling between being polish and stupid fingers i got no chance)
    I wanted to apologize for letting my pet peeve out in a way that is not benifiatal in a place not appropriatae or productive to the conversation. As a nurse as well I spend hours teaching that it is not about you it's about them. There is a place to rant just not that one.
    have a safe and enjoyable trip mary pat
    I am new but someone said you knew a lot about MS. I was recently told I was a "probable PLS", after one yr of symptoms. Regarding MS: I read that 5% of MS patients had normal MRI's in the beginning. There is something inconsistent at my last neuro (well respected in MI) he said I do not have MS...after one set of brain and spine MRI's, yet has ordered another one on cervical spine to take a look at a tiny speck? how many sets of mri's that are normal is typical in the process of excluding MS in the PLS process?
    Hi Aly-pooh, hoping you're enjoying your vacation, you'll have to post some pictures when you get back. I'm looking at the January picture of my NZ calendar you know!
    Miss you on the forum, don't be gone too long.
    Thank you! My cat's name is Sammy. I also have a black and white cat named Roscoe and a Mexican rescue dog - black lab cross - named Niko. I will write more later but thank you for being my friend. Today is a good day.
    You know,my favorite color used to be blue. Now it is green. Aly, thank you for reaching out to my sister. How are you doing? I need you to know that even though my family is in the midst of this new horror, I do want to be supportive of you. I'm a good listener, Aly. Talk to me.....
    We are doing, you know how it goes. Good days and bad.. But I miss you when you aren't around, the forum, you, and my other friends give me comfort. I don't feel so alone knowing I have all of yall!
    Hi Alyoop. Thank you for befriending me. I look forward to getting to know you better. This is all so new and strange but I am so grateful there is a place like this where I can talk about my fears. Lovely cupcakes!
    Hey, are you ok? I am worried about you! Remember I love you, if I can help please let me know..I have great ears, just everything else falling
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