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  • hi aly i think i need to contact admininstrator to see whats wrong and why i dont have pm
    wish we could pm -dont really like posting all this in public -have you tried my PM surely its working now
    it would be lovely to meet you at some stage in the future :) and yes i have a few close friends whom i need to send an updates version re the book - i have over the years a few on the go.. one a series of childrens book which i am also illustrating -and so hope i finish.... another that is more poetic in a sense that the paintings i have been slowly workijng away on i hope to bring them together as a whole body of work along with written txt on each page (Art book) that develops further the poetic txt on some of the paintings - this is about loss, doubt, hope, dreams, love, grace, forgiveness (and so much more) and hopfully overall a body of work that reaches peoples hearts and inspires - my other "book" is based on a true story -names and places changed to protect identities of those still living ... but ... well a friend of mine whom is also an editor keeps encouraging me to finish it, if it sees the light of day, hopefully it make a difference for some people .....
    aww aly God bless you hun and TY TY TY huge cyber hug. Prayers do help, and how humbling it is the support here .... bless!!!!! I am seeming to level out a little re my voice over the past week... too soon to tell though, i just need to embrace the toad in my life... years ago now, i splatted so many toads on a highway in cairns driving the roads lined with cane farms - hundreds of toads going splat splat splat splat splat for miles... under the tyres (dreadful senstation felt like a mass slaughter) fancy them coming out onto a highway after a tropical rain storm.... my point perhaps a little karma lolololololol - actually whilst i love some of the philosophy of the buddhist - I do believe love and forgiveness transcends karma!... getting side tracked now... TYTYTYTY darling... that little thought has inspired a fabulous little childrens book (nothing to do with ALS) hmmmmm God willing! :)
    Aly i couldn't agree more darling - I think it was Shakespeare that said something about life not being a dress rehearsal! How precious the gift of life is, to waste ones time and others for engaging in petty ,fake pretentious banter is not only foolish but an insult to life itself. Funny you should post me with that message -it has reinforced and helped assure me in my own heart!!! Timing couldn't have been better thank you!!!!! -to do with someone that has been having a very negative influence in my own life, due to her own 'fakeness'... hope you have a lovely Labour Weekend!!
    lovely to hear from you. Yes, very sad about a member leaving in tears - i have read a few too many posts/threads that have disgusted me, and for that reason I don't spend as much time here either
    Hey Ally hope your doing well hun - my pm is fine btw - im just not coming in as much -mainly to check latest trials/therapies etc. Keep in touch... nice to know some kiwis around... very few of us though - which i guess is a good thing :)
    Hi aly,thankyou for your message its good to hear from you.
    I know,they keep gouding me with little red flags..........feel like a fox attacked by a bunch of hounds.
    The thing is if i dont get things off my chest it eats away at me and makes me ill.
    I will put them on my ignore list,though i have not before now to keep an eye on them.
    How are you doing now? still improving?
    Take care ,caroline.
    Hey Alyoop that is so great to meet you here!! I am actually almsot reaching the five years too in few months so maybe this si a five years thing who knows! I'd be more than glad to hear a bit more about your story, do you have a facebook or sth so we can chat directly?
    I take it one day at a time...only way to take this disease. Yes i have a doc that is rooting for me! Hope i get dex soon!
    Love you
    Hello are you doing? Yes, dr jeffry is a big advocate for me! I hope i get dex soon because i am starting to loose my arms and hands!
    Love you
    thanks Aly -appreciate it - i have got it back again now -pm :) hurry slowly re pm -all in good time :) you already have me busy looking up some of those therapies on the list re failed clinical trials -learning what some of them are :) Just so helpful THANKS!!!!!!!!
    lolololololol ...... WHAT ..... typos ....yikes... i will burrow deeply into the sand... :) thats a beaming smile and wink btw
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