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  • Sweet Aly, we know us better than anyone does. I'll have your little thoatie in my prayers tonight. Take care of you.
    Sorry your swallower is on the fritz Dear Aly Pie. Do you have any ENT friends you can tap?
    Love you Lady Poo!
    Hi Alyoop:
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    I am a new member here, but am active on the Patientslikeme and ALSTDI forums.
    I've attempted to post a new thread containing the ALS petition (several of us PALS worked on getting it together) from Diane; and more about how to have our voices heard during the world wide ALS meeting in Australia this weekend. Please approve the new post /new thread. The more folks who see, access and sign the online petition the better for all of us..
    Thank you very much.
    I am [email protected]
    Hey, Thanks! That wasn't so hard after all. Got tired of looking at my big white question mark avatar.
    Yes, we came back tonight. We're lucky, it's only 90 minutes door to door. I saw the pumpkin and gingerbread hot chocolate. It was so warm today I skipped it. Ice cream called to me! The samples today were candy cane chocolates. double yum!
    Alyoop? I have a simple question. How did you get your avatar? Or, how does anyone upload an avatar? Lucky you; picked you to ask cuz I saw you visited my page, LOL.--murphy
    I bet she loves it! You inspired me, and I made an incredible bread last night, timed it in the bread machine to be ready early this morning for Linnea. Used 2 cups of the wheat flour and the last 2 cups of the regular flour. It came out really good this time!

    Except for the sick kids, too bad you weren't here this week, it's incredibly warm for Nov. Rainy today, but has been sunny all week. You have to come back next year and we'll go to the mountains, or to the islands... ahh, the islands.... :)
    Hi Aly, how did your daughter like the skirt you got at the Pru Center? It was so cute! Wish you lived closer and we could get together again soon! Love you, Helen
    hI Ally, welcome home. You have kept us all entertained with your trip, I laugh so much at your humerous wit! Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. XXXOOO
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