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  • Yes, weightlifting keeps me mentally sane so I try to do it daily. I know how stressful this situation can be but it's time for you to return to your normal activities. Get back to the gym, you'll realize that you are as strong as ever and that alone will help with your anxiety. Did you find the BFS Facebook group? I think it's a better place for you to be than this forum.

    As for the timeframe of twiching before weakness, first you have to understand that this is not how ALS usually presents (specially if your twitching is bodywide); so it's a rare presentation of a rare disease. And for the very few cases that started with twitching, Dr. Andrew Eisen states the following:

    "In any event from 40 plus years of clinical experience it is extraordinarily rare for ALS to truly present with fasciculations and in my opinion if after 8 months there are no other clinical features then it is not ALS"

    Hope it helps. Take care
    It's normal for your twitching to be more intense; with BFS, don't expect things to get better. In fact, you'll find out that more and more (benign) symptoms will pop up anytime. There is a Facebook support group for BFS, your should check it out, it helps a lot in dealing with anxiety.

    As for the reduced interference pattern, neuro said it could be herniated discs in my spine. And because no spontaneous activity was present (just like your EMG), it points away from MND. I also found a good bunch of people with similar findings on EMG, without and obvios explanation, and they're perfectly fine!

    Hope we stay in touch. Best wishes.
    Hey, I had en EMG last week and it showed mildly reduced interfference pattern in 3 muscles tested :(

    How are you doing so far? It'd be nice to talk to someone with similar issues.

    Take care!
    Please post your question for everyone to see, in the Do I Have ALS subforum.
    I'm sorry I don't. Did you ask him what that indicated? You should get a copy of the report and there should be a summary on it which may give you an indication as to what your results could be caused by.

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