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    no need here really to cousins husband took 3 years to diagnose and it has been 9 years since his diagnosis...his suggestion just wait..don't talk to me again.
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    Re: Stiffness? hello February 2012 through the fall of 2012 I had left knee weakness and right foot/leg first neurologist appointment was November 2012.....I had all the test, MRI, blood test, EMG, Nerve conduction ....which they found slight findings in my right calf and...
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    thank you max....I think I will call the ALS association here in Toronto !
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    hello affected and husband is an Obstetrican/Gynecologist, his definitely suspect a motor neuron on disease...and tells me too accept it as 'ildefined' or idiopathic. the Lyrica is helping the hand and feet cramps and fasciculations but not the limb weakness, I have been using a...
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    thank you....for sharing.
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    hello there....its been neurologist still has me coming back every 3 months for a check up....I finally agreed to start medication....he put me on Lyrica...I asked him if he thought I had severe fibromyalgia...he did not answer, I asked him if I should be seeing a rheumatologist...
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    i was tested for hypothyroidism , 2 years ago , one dr. said i was borderline and the endocrinologist said family dr. has notice definate atrophy in upper arms, hands and right leg...seeing the neurologist may 12th. the last two days i have had severe tingling, all over, my MS tests...
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    hello there...i have been directed to this site as i have not been diagnosed yet...last week on monday my family dr. called and said my test results indicates....MS....but....on tuesday the hospital called and said 25 people probably had false positives and we all have to be re tested! i have...
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    UMN symptoms in legs

    hello there...just noticed your note to husband has recently admitted he thought all along my symptoms were due to a MND but as a physician he has the stamina to wait it out until it reals its ugly final conclusion...i suppose like the neurologists it is a wait and see process, to see...
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    my right leg weakness and foot drop began in spring 2012 and fasciuclations by the end of 2012 i do remember however, before that time i had trouble swallowing a sandwich and had tears in my eyes for lack of air and it being stuck in my throat....i was diagnosed with moderate to severe...
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    hello patient i'm a 59 year old computer illiterate....not sure how to navigate...

    hello patient i'm a 59 year old computer illiterate....not sure how to navigate these sites...sorry for inconviencing you!
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    UMN symptoms in legs

    hi there kosmo.....i noticed your note..that you have not been diagnosed winter 2012 i developed right leg weakness and foot drag..everything has followed as it does in ALS....fasciculation in my leg, muscle cramps in right calf and butt....feet and hand cramps... now walking...
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    Possible Misdiagnosis?

    hello there too! sorry about your father's diagnosis but i have had leg weakness, foot drop, fasciuculations everywhere , even tongue...muscle cramps and spasms, feet and hand cramps and severe breathing issues. after 14 months i am now using a walker outside the home, my balance is so off....i...
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    Breathing issues

    hello there....still being diagnosed but at the beginning of all my symptoms 14 months ago....they discovered i had severe sleep apnea, morning headaches and lack of oxygen and was put on a CPAP. head issues cleared up but did not help with muscle i am using a walker outside of my...
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    thanks vickim for the site, i will check it day my family dr called and confirm the...

    thanks vickim for the site, i will check it day my family dr called and confirm the test evoke potentials confirm a neuro muscular disease. if will been seeing my neurologist in the next week to get the final diagnosis..MS or ALS i suspect the latter.