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  • I wanted to thank you for your comment/post on my thread. I woke up to untangle my mother from her blanket around 1 am. I decided to check into the forum again since I haven't done so since a week after my post. I have as you mentioned been overwhelmed. Your post struck a chord, really close to home. As I read your post I was amazed with the parallels and similarities with your experience and what I have gone through so far. The rest of your beautiful story of your mother and her passing assures me how great and selfless you are. Your mother loves you, and I admire everything you did and will do moving forward. My emotions overwhelmed me as I read it as well, I cried for your experience and what is to come. I would like to thank you for your tips and the comforting you gave me with your sharing. If you ever need to talk I'm here, I have decided to log on more often. Thank you and Bless your compassionate and loving soul.
    -Juan Lastra
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