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  • Hi Allie,
    Just trawling, thought I'd stop by and ask how you're all doing? How's your Dad?
    Poppy x
    Hi Allie,
    my name is Tom and I am a market researcher and have a project that involves both ALS patients and their support network in Canada. The research takes 45-60 minutes over the telephone and I am offering $100 for your time and participation. If you are in Toronto, I am also looking to speak with people face to face in a downtown facility.

    The research objectives of the study are very broad and no personal information is asked of you. Specific areas of discussion focus on the following:
    1. Attitudes and behaviours towards ALS
    2. How the ALS condition is currently managed
    3. What patient services are available and being used

    Please contact me if you are interested in participating or if you know of anyone that may be interested in participating in this study to better understand the challenges of living with ALS.
    With thanks
    [email protected]
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