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    Newly Diagnosed

    I am diagnosed and confirmed. Does anyone know if there is a correlation between an area where one experiences fasciculations and whether that particular area is on its way to being affected. I have fasciculations all over but I notice my neck and throat are extremely aftive now.
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    worried, would love your input.

    Bluedog. Diagnosed by EMG showing upper and lower neuron involvement. Also blood test showingelevated creatine kinase level (571 with normal being 20-200 Waiting for the actual report to take to specialist. What is a umn and Imn finding?
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    worried, would love your input.

    Sorry left out two other symptoms...loss of dexterity and some strength in left hand (buttons, shoe laces etc.) and was occasionally tripping and falling until I realized that I have to watch for uneven surfaces.
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    worried, would love your input.

    I was diagnosed a week agao and have an appointment at Columbia Presby next week. My symptoms are across the board. Hoarse for three months with slurring when tired,legs feel like lead when walking, severe cramps all over but particularly legs, fatigue, fascic... which have spread from left...