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    Veteran's with ALS - Questions

    They told me to call a person at the PVA, in which has been very instrumental in lining everything up. He is just so busy I hate to bother him but guess that is what I have to do. Can't quite figure the chair & no way to carry it but on a smaller scale that me with the scooter. On a good day I...
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    Veteran's with ALS - Questions

    The VA sent me the forms for the van but loaned me a 3 wheeler for the interm, to bad it doesn't fit anything I drive so may have to make a purschase out of pocked. This one just adds a carrier in a reese type hitch until the van is approved. 2nd question I'm scheduled for a Cpmpensation &...
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    Veteran's with ALS - Questions

    I'm still walking but they were out here last Tuesday to measure the house, doorways, check for ramps. I'm scheduled to go next Feb. & they will have me drive a couple of the chairs-scooter? to see what works for me. I was told they want to do everything proactive so I don't have to wait when I...
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    can you get through this w/o going to an ALS clinic

    This is a hard one to follow but I'm certainly glad I've gone to the VA ALS Clinic in Indianapolis IN., I otherwise woulld have gone to I.U. in the same city. I also have a 3 hr drive but the VA houses me in a very comfortable room w/all the amenities. I have someone travel with me to help & to...
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    About 18 mo's in

    I'm very curious my biggest complaint so far is that I've lost all of my core muscles, finding it very difficult to walk, carry anything, and to bend over. I've been lucky not having lost use of legs/hand/arms etc. Is there a normal area where weakness 1st starts or does it affect people...
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    Honey Bee Venom

    I'm recieving accupuncture at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard IL. Many MD's and other modalities taught w/in this University. The needles are dipped in a Homopathic bee venom. I normally would have started right out w/a bee sting but I was stung twice in 09 by wasp's & went...