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  • Hello Ali54,
    As they say, sorry you had to find this club. I noticed you being the newest member, read your post, and want to welcome you.....even though I am also a new member.

    I unfortunately do not have any real advice to offer about your husband, however, there are several people in this forum who do seem to have some experience. If you read through the different "topics" lists, you will probably find one that closely relates to your concern. Read all of those posts and you will see something helpful, I'm sure.

    Well, hang tough, be strong, and good luck with your search......and your journey.
    My husband was diagnosed with progressive motor neuropathy in August 2012. It seems to be all bad news so far. His right arm and hand are all but useless now and it is going into his left arm also - bad twitching. His right hand is swelling up now and somewhat painful - I think fluid retention ? Any suggestions to help would be greatly appreciated.
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