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  • Alex, looking forward to conversing with you, maybe over the week end, but today is already packed with stuff.

    Later Bob (AKA Carex)
    No worms on the tongue. Twitching everywhere else though. Arms, hands, feet, legs, chest, back, eyledids. Looking at back of tongue I can see my left side is a bit higher than right. But I can easily move it to make it the same level. Is this what you mean? Have had MRI's - all negative except for at the c6/c7 region in neck. Is spit considered mucous - cuz I have to spit all the time? Your insight is very helpful.
    I'm 31 years old. No real feeling of mucous at all - just the constant need to clear my throat. Did you get that? Nobody hears me slurring but I can feel it. From my EMG's they all tell me that I in no way have ALS. But my weakness in right arm/hand is what is scariest. My dysarthria came way after my limbs were affected. Wonder if it's anxiety or is something really going on?
    Hi Alex I seen that you asked Hayden I think it was if he had a lot mucus in throat after drinking cokes and stuff what does that mean I don't know if you've read my post but I'm fearing bulbar ALS I had a couple members say it didn't sound like it but idk I'm worried
    Hi Alex, no I didn't get a message saying why. I was referring you to a page of my website and I'm not allowed to post links to it on the forum, so I just said where you could find it ...
    if you check alsgardens dot net dot au and click on caring tips, there is a page about breathing issues that explains what I was saying about the body adjusting. Tillie
    Alex I saw a recent post of yours where you asked someone if they find themself with problems using words with a letter "s". Nikki had told me not to worry about that letter at all. Nobody has noticed me slurring but I totally feel it sometimes. I find myself having to pause before I get my words out. It has been frustrating because I clear my throat all the time. Also, my right hand is starting to really worry me and my legs either feeling like jelly or really heavy has me worried through the roof. I've had 3 EMG's and so far they tell me not to worry but I have never in fact seen an ALS Specialist, just two neuromuscular disease neuros. How old are you btw if you don't mind me asking? Any input would be appreciated?
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