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  • Hi there. Your journey so far sounds a lot like mine. I hadn't seen a post from you for a long time. Did you end up getting an answer to your symptoms? I hope you did, and I hope it was something treatable. I'd like to hear more of your story if you're still viewing this forum.

    New(ish)! It's getting away already isnt it Alex! Yes, bearable. Better than that really, 'bearable' sounds a bit 'beaten', and that hasnt happened yet. I've been on a pain medication that has made considerable difference to my capacity, and made Christmas a wonderful event. Ive got some voice back which is probably the most remarkable thing. Ive not been on the forum much either latley. Are you any further down the track of diagnosis or perhaps treatment?
    Wishing you a Happy and Holy Christmas Alex!
    When you have time in the New Year, drop me a line and tell me what is new. I hope the busy season is treating you well.
    Every blessing,
    G'Day Alex,
    I'm dropping in for the occasional udate. Any news from your docs? Are you still in the same job Alex?
    I'm due for another round of hospital tests in about a fortnight, so the nerves are starting to twang a bit, as they do!
    Every blessing,
    Hey Alex , i see you live in Dorchester , i live just down the road from you in Charmouth .So strange to dind someone is so close . Just wanted to say hello x Mary x
    Hi alex, yeah I'm doing ok. Symptoms are no worse, some are a little better (I think). Any way, I have just been staying off of hear as it seems to really raise my anxiety. I feel better the less I hang around. Its good to hear that your symptoms are not any worse as well. Are you having any more tests run??

    Talk soon, and take care

    Well, Hello Alex! Time I sought out an update from you I thought. I'm guessing you've not had any further medical inspections latley, but are you holding everyting together OK? And is your headspace staying reasonably clear?
    Thinking of you,
    Alex you are too kind! I too hope you are well. Remember the body is very complex, especially the brain. If we could easily understand it the brain would be simple and we know it is not. None of us can control the what if's. Treat as a blessing and know that we are all in your corner!
    I am doing pretty good. Just taking everything one day at a time! Remeber stay strong and keep the faith my friend!
    Alex! What a great hug! Here's one for you (((HUG))). It's a treat to see a message from you. Glad nothing's getting worse quickly for you, and I hope you're able to stay cheerful. Of course, your getting a diagnosis would be nice. Seen Johnny lately? He's hiding! I'm doing fine in my head (staying happy), but tired and weaker. Love, Ann
    Yes, the strain I guess Alex. Althoug the problem seems more in my actuall voice box, the pain shows up in the joint of my jaw. Quite awful sometimes! but not unlike the aches and pains that seem to be found everwhere these days when Im active. Never mind! Good for the soul! That's the conclusion I reach from the fact that my soul is doing so well!

    Concrete diagnosis? The last couple of times I saw the Neurologist he said I should prepare myself for a wait, possibly severall more years he said. Seems absurd don't you think? I dont pretent to have a good understanding of it all, but given that they all seem to say it will almost certainly prove to be MND, why cant they just hurry up and decide? But, the season of not knowing is also a good season in many ways. The frustration pushes me always towards a confidence that God knows what men do not; and that I know what he has given me to know, and that is enough.

    Blessings friend,
    Hi Alex, Thanks for stopping by--I've been thinking about you and wonder if you know yet when you'll be seen again. I hope you aren't doing anything like "going down-hill".

    I'm having to stay off the computer more, as it seems to pull my posture out of whack. I still post in spurts, but then have to take breaks often.

    Yes, Joel's leaving is like having a big hole to walk around, and I do miss him. But I believe he's doing great now, and all the sadness is on this side of heaven. Alex, you're very special. Take good care.
    I have a Neuro appointment in March also Alex; on the 15th. Im wondering how I feel about this one ... there is always a sense of apprehension I find, but this time I think Ive rather lost that urgency to know what's going on; I just know it's bad! Talking is my biggest problem at present, thankfully I can still manage a sentance or two reasonably often in a quiet room, but it is always painfull. No travelling at present: broken wheelchair! The isolation of being home bound is somewhat daunting I find, it has this foreboding sense of what is, I assume, ahead.

    As we turn into Autumn I guess you are celebrating Spring. I have always wanted to experience Spring in Europe, having learned a bit about it in school when we studied German for years and years. It always struck me as being so dramatic, such a joy after the severity of Winter. Is that true? What does it do to your spirit?

    Every blessing,
    How are you travelling mate? Is work treating you well, and is there any more to say on your diagnosis or lack of? I guess it would be a bit early for any more news. Hoping that you are keeping on top of everything.
    Hi Alex,
    What news from your results? Im sure you'll be in touch, but I am thinking about you.
    Alex, Just wondering how the EMG went yesterday. Would love to hear your comments on the procedure and hear of the findings.
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