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  • Hi Alana,

    I just saw your post about herbal supplements and have been looking into the topic myself... I'm from Iowa but have been reading a lot about the benefits of CBD as well as THC in some cases. Please let me know if you'd be interested in some more information and I can share a couple of websites with you. Best of luck in any case, and like some others said in their responses.. I am only hearing good things with regard to the use of MM.

    Hi Alana,
    Thanks for your message. It came at a good time. My hubby is 61. I see the red hair. Mine is also red. ok it's my color of choice. lol. We will both be strong through this and have the help of so many wonderful people on here. Thanks for the advise on the meds. I am calling his doctor today to see if we can make the change from the Zoloft. Have a wonderful day in sunny California.
    Morning Andrea, as I said in the other post. I put the two together. A little slow! My tech skills are shocking as well. This is my first forum so still learning. We registered for the walk in Oct and our team name is Team EDvengers. I know corny but memorable! Kids are totally embraced, there teenagers and it's expected. Have a great week end. Alana
    Hi Alana, I am mobile for now. I have hand onset and for now that seems to be where all of my weakness is. Yes, the walk. I'm just starting to try to put a team together. Let's stay in touch and we can meet then.
    Cheers, Michael
    Hey Alana!

    I actually can't wear thongs anymore, but I really miss them!
    We used to say unreal! And mint! Being from WA, I put but on the end of sentences when I'm talking, not writing but. Haha! That seriously just happened! I'd better be careful!

    My nephews live in Warwick, near Toowoomba. Beautiful part of the world, QLD.

    Wayne has heard of Kim's parents business, but neither of us knows Kim.

    Wayne is 45 this year and I'm 43, not sure if she's about our age or not? My maiden name was McKay. My brothers are older than me. Allan 47 and Peter 45. Wayne's sister is Natalie. Depends too, where Kim went to school...Allan went to Geraldton, Peter and I Willcock, Wayne, St Pats and Nat, Stella.

    Hope all is well with your kids. It's funny, I wrote that big spiel then had the Worst. Week. Ever. with the kids! Unreal!

    Take care Alana, glad you found this site.

    God bless, Janelle x
    I was born in Mackay in Queensland. Banana Bender. Grew up in Brissy and worked in Townsville. Been in California for 22 years, married a Californian. Sending Prayers, Alana
    Hey Alana, I'm so sorry about your husband.
    Where are you from? I'm from Geraldton in WA. Traveling to Sydney in September, hopefully get a firm diagnosis then.
    God bless, Janelle x
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