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  • Thanks guys. Yesterday had 79 here for my birthday. Cool and rainy. Had a big tent so not a problem. Summer actually arrived here today. Sunny and 79. Think I finally got rid of the cellulitis in my leg and foot. Being hooked up to an IV 24/7 for 4 weeks is no fun. Feeling better now so will be back directing traffic more I hope.
    Hi chief and ALS's patients biggest friend.. How are you doing guy? hope you are feeling ok.. how is the weather up North? I am enjoying the warm weather, although not feeling very well, but hanging in, hope you are doing the same.. Give the doggies a pat for me.
    Hi friend, just wanted to stop in and say hello. Your grand-daughter is precious. Hope you are doing ok.. How are the doggie.. Love Gage's name..
    Hi Al, I just wanted to say that I think Joel and Hoping were excellent choices for additional moderators. I haven't seen any postings from CindyM recently. Is she (and her mom) doing OK?
    If you look down in Problems, Suggestions, Bugs and then under testing it explains it.
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