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  • Hi Al. Thinking about you, and I'm sorry your having a struggle with Richard's death. He loved and admired you too. Hugs and lots of love to you.
    I've been on a downhill slide. My neck muscles are pretty well shot. I have to wear a collar to keep my head up to use the computer. I try to get on as much as I can but it is getting harder. I'll keep doing this much as I can as long as I can.
    Al I just want to let you know that I am thinking about you and keep you in my prayers. I know you have been going through a lot. I know we do not tell you enough but Iwant you to know that we all appreciate all you do for us.

    Keep fighting my friend, your attitude and internal fortitude is inspirational.
    i Sympathize with the neck, mine is only half way to crap but itgets tiresome. i hhope ur feeling ok. i wanted to ask u if u knew if casey had gotten his account fixed? i noticed he was talkin to u last. just missed seeing him and i cant message him on his account. thanks for everything, mary pat
    Al, So sorry your neck is not doing well, will be saying prayers for you. Hope you feel better soon. {{HUGS}}
    Hi Al
    Not sure if your already aware but Scouse - Marge Carey passed away end of January, I have only just found out through our MNDA,not sure if it has been on here as I have been trying to contact her, just thought I'd let you all know. xx Ang
    not feeling too bad lost a little bit of ground. My neck muscles on the one side are getting weak so my head is tilted to the right most of the time. I can still drink and eat so I guess I'm not too bad. Lee is not feeling too bad herself.
    Hi Al,
    Just stopping by to say hi and see how you are. I hope you and the Missus are doing well.
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