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  • Dear Al, Thank so much for all you did for all of us. And a personal thank you for all the caring and support you gave me, and all the info I needed. I will miss you my friend so very much. Will see you again. Rest in Peace Gandpal Al. To His family my heartfelt prayers for Peace and Comfort to all. {{HUGS}}
    Al, my heart is breaking, you are truly a wonderful man, an inspiration to all of us, and our newest angel in heaven. My deepest sympathies to your family, from someone who considered you the leader of our forum family. Soar with the eagles.
    Al, wondering where you are, hoping you are ok. I hope you're off enjoying another boat ride or something!
    Hugs, Helen
    Hi Al,
    I am a new member on here. My dad was just diagnosed with ALS and I'm scared too death. Have you used the drug Ritulex or been in any clinical trials? Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Any ideas on nutrition? Thank you Skipper 66
    On contact info above click there then PM message comes up click there and fill out message then send
    Hello Al, I just enjoyed reading the article about you. I am new to this forum and not sure about rules about commercial products, so I thought it best to ask a moderator to check out something that I found yesterday while off on an internet tangent. It's called the NeuroSwitch by www controlbionics dot com. I came across this after watching a Youtube video about Gary Griffin USAF. After searching this forum I didn't find any post or threads relating to this product. When you have time you check to see if you feel this is worth sharing with the forum. Best to you, and thanks for the great job here. Roger
    Congratulations on your 8000th post. Might have known it would be a post warning somebody off Eric and his colonics. LOL.
    just to say thank you for this site. The kind people are really helping me .
    God bless you . Margaret
    Thinking of you Al. Worried about ya too. I know this just keeps getting harder on ya... I truly wish there were something that I can actually do to help NOW. I am, however, going to go to college and get a good education and work with the ALS community. So eventually I hope to help on a more large scale.
    Take care of you, Al. Please.
    Hi Al,
    Hope you're holding it together. We Canadians are a tough bunch.
    I figured it was easier to make a new account and start over.

    I'm upset about Richard's passing. Not that I knew him well, but being of similar age and living close by kinda hit me. Me and the boys go out for beers every couple of weeks and we gave him a proper Canadian sendoff. (Beer, pizza and hockey playoffs)

    FYI, I ended up having some bracelets made to sell. We are splitting profits between ALS Canada/ALS Ontario and my kids education fund.

    Take care, hang in there. If I can do anything for you, let me know.
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