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    I've been detoxing from mertazopean over the past 4 weeks and its been total hell. Lots of anxiety and depression particularly at night time.
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    Couple of ?

    I was diagnosed June 2011 and my feet have been freezing for the past 18 months even at th height of summer. I also go to acupuncture twice a week, but it doesn't seem to help with my ice cub feet. I wear wool socks and slipper with faux fur liinig. Let us know if you find anything that works.
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    Too bad, I liked many things he said
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    What benefits Have you seen in the MCI186
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    What benefits have you seen on the MCI186?
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    Fighting attorney one more question is how do you get your Mci 186? Is it a or existing drug being used for other issues.
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    Fighting attorney I wonder if you can tell us what sort of benefits have you been experiencing using MCI 186?
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    Sleep, or a lack there of

    Well here it is 2:20 in the a.m. and I find I'm unable sleep for the second knight running. The sleep aid mertazopean was unbeknownst to me was having a negative reaction with one of pain killers so i decided to stop the sleep aid. Smart? Did I mention it's 2:25 on Monday mornig. Does anyonr...
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    Coconut oil

    I consume 9 teaspoons a day and also massage it into my sore night nightly. I use a blender and add almond milk occasionally half an apple, an egg and banana. Seems to helping me. It should be extra vigin and organic.
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    Time to retire from work

    I decided to retire at the age of 41, two years after being diagnosed. Who knows maybe one day I can come out of retirement. That's what I'm gunning for.
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    Bulbar Onset...

    I was diagnosed in June of 2011, and am a slow progresser I also have bulbar onset ALS. Im on the Deanna protocol and also get accupunctute twice a week. My speech has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 and half years though most people still understand me. My main issue is the pain I...
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    Possible ALS treatment breakthrough

    I too am on the Deanna protocol and ordered my first bottles of L serine yesterday. It's likely the least expensive supplement I have purchased so far. I'll report back after a few weeks of takimpng it.
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    Walk to defeat als

    I'm sorry about the spelling mistakes in my previous post.
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    Walk to defeat als

    We had a great day this past Saturday and have raised an additional $142,000 so far, witch when addedto the $156,000 raised ast year puts us at $298,000 total. One hundred percent of this is being used to sponsor a study at the University of Toronto in partnership with Sunnybrook hospital into...
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    Marshall protocol?

    Does anyone know or have experience with the Marshall protocol?