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    No pitty just angry... just venting..

    nothing wrong with getting angry it gets the circulation going. I get angry and then I try to solve the problem. Although it wont make the disease go away it does make me feel better and quite often I come up with some fantastic ideas of how to help my husband. Holding everything in causes my...
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    Help with these signs and symptoms please

    we cant diagnose so as said above get to the doctor. If your worried or you've had a weight loss that can affect your top plate. Get going.
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    Advice please

    There's all kinds of literature on the net about this disease but keep pushing for tests to see what is wrong with u. Trust your gut and don't let the doctors excuse u. Also contact your ALS society for information and symptoms. They have been a great help for us, and they can probably inform...
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    Frozen joints

    I'm using so many heating devices to keep my husband warm. I have an electric blanket on top and did have one underneath, but the wires that run thru it were bothering him. With the mattress heaters is this a concern? I may try one if they don't have the wires.
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    A newly discovered genetic defect

    Thanx we r going to London to see r specialist in March nd will b asking about this for sure
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    No diagnosis im new here.

    Its awful that u have to wait and that u need assistance to get u the help u deserve. After my husband first symptoms they started test within a week. We don't have to pay anything here for testing, and most of our equipment is gov't funded. even with the assistance costs can run up. I do...
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    Jokes Thread

    this joke feed is great I'll have to get my husband in here to cheer him up too
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    Thank all of u for your replies. I find them very helpful. I am jst learning this cyber life so have been trying to get back to this site since the day after I asked for help. I'll talk to our dr re the meds. see what happens. I also believe in getting out to activities is important and will get...
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    I am looking af.ter my husband and his depression is getting worse. Although searcing for the diagnosis was a long process, when the specialist finally gave it to him the depression has deepened, and not to make this about me, but I find I'm finding it hard to keep my spirits up as well. We...