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    Diagnosed yesterday

    When my wife Lisa was diagnosed in Jan 07, the first thing we did was purchase an RV and traveled every chance we got. Unfortunately, that was only for a year. She lost all use of her extremities after a year and the RV was just too much work. I wish you the best. Joel
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    Your Life Isn't Over

    Unless of course, you're Jewish... ...or Muslim ...or Hindu ...well, you get it. Joel
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    Make July 4th National ALS Awareness Awareness Day

    My wife Lisa was diagnosed in January of 2007 with ALS. My daughter is living with us and started this petition (Make July 4th National ALS Awareness Day). Signatures have somewhat stalled and I want to remind everyone to please read the petition to learn what it is all about and then please...
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    Interesting article

    Oh, you can rest assured that I will not continue to visit this site. I've tried to find support for my wife and my needs here and except for a few members, they've been shot down within seconds. Some "Support Group." Your moderator doesn't understand that a viewpoint other than his may still...
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    Interesting article

    Al, Goodness, you sure are full of yourself. National pride is one thing, but you're carrying it a little too far. Please spare us the "I know better than you, I'm canadian" routine. You can't have it both ways. Either you censor or you don't. I don't think mlb's link had anything to do with...
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    Eric Edney and Even Better Now - Don't Be Fooled By This Scam

    Al, I re-read my post and I don't see anywhere that I made the claim that online ads (as "cures" for PALS) were a good option. Please read it again. I'm convinced that most of you don't know any more about holistic medicine than I do, but you state things as if yours is the final word. Just as...
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    familial connection

    Donnainwash, Sorry, it looks as if I've hijacked your post. I'm not sure how I posted in the wrong thread, but I did. I'd delete it but I'm not sure how.
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    Eric Edney and Even Better Now - Don't Be Fooled By This Scam

    Everyone, 12 years ago I was told that I had gall bladder disease AND a hiatal hernia AND Barrett's Esophagus (a chronic condition, percurser to esophaheal cancer and 90% fatal if not caught early). I had my gall bladder removed and a nissan fundiplication to repair the hernia. Less than a...
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    Support for my husband

    Harley 101, Take it from me, there isn't anything out there that even comes close to hospice care? When the time is right, hospice care is absolutely the best choice. I've had two experiences with it and I can tell you that it is the most peaceful and uplifting way there is to deal with a...
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    Weakness of Tongue

    jackiemax, I feel really fortunate that my wife has so far avoided any problems with speech, breathing and swallowing. She is still losing use of her right hand, especially the thumb. She can walk and stand, but needs a rail to climb stairs. Last week we went to a wrestling meet in our...
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    Weakness of Tongue

    In posting here these last few days, I realize that I'm taking my anger out on the wrong people. In fact, I'm sure that I've been extremely insensitive. I want to apologize and say thank you to Al, hboyajian, CindyM, Hope and Liz for your comments, care and concern. I don't know if Lisa is...
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    Weakness of Tongue

    Al and everyone else, How do you know that? I'm shaking right now trying to decide how you can say in one sentence that you can't get mercury from tuna, and in the next that mercury or heavy metal may cause ALS. A better response to someone who asks is "...if you have any doubts, why take a...
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    Weakness of Tongue

    Al, My wife was officially diagnosed with ALS on Jan. 4th by a neurologist at Mayo Clinic. I say officially because she saw an extremely insensitive neuro on Nov. 10th, who told here she MAY have BFS, or MS, or ALS during her very first consultation. This was after an initial clinical test and...
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    Weakness of Tongue

    Al, What medical research have you done to prove or disprove the correlation between ALS and mercury? Have you an advanced or medical degree that gives you any more insight on this subject? Just curious. I am in the very early stages of researching their effect and have NO particular...