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  • Hi, I just saw your posting that you are in India for stem cell treatment... It's such an inspiration to hear things are going well. Could you please please please keep me updated with your progress?... This is something very revolutionary and I am very curious to see things turn out, thanks!
    HI, I use to be an athlete of sorts before all my issues started, played tennis and worked out. cant do that these days, just light swimming and hot tub for aching muscles. When I was in the hosp. I had a cardio doc check out my heart because of this and he said that my heart was fine, that it was my autonomic nervous system. The nurses kept peeking in on me to make sure I was breathing. I wonder if that same thing can give you a fast resting heart beat, just thought I would pose the thought to ya! Have a good Easter.
    I wanted to post in regards to your question about heart rate. I dont feel comfortable posting on pals forum, as I am un-dx. I looked into this becasue my heart rate is abnormally slow at rest, 40-50s! anyway, It is the autonomic nervous system. I believe that als can effect the autonomic nervous system? I could be wrong but wanted to pose it as a possible cause for your high heart rate. Take care, and I wish you well.
    Yes, soccer arouses many passions. Unfortunately, it can arouse violent passions as well.
    Glad to hear from you again. If you get a chance go to a soccer game between Boca Juniors and River Plate, the "Superclasico."
    I haven't seen you on the boards recently. What is been happening with you? I pray you are fine.
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